How To Clean Sun-Damaged Windows (Step-By-Step)

The sun is a part of life that is consistent in most parts of the world.

This means your house is going to be showered with sunlight during the day. When this is the case, the same spots on the property get extended exposure to the sun throughout the year.

This doesn’t make a difference over the short term but does add up over time.

As a result, you will want to learn how to clean sun-damaged windows.

To clean sun-damaged windows, it’s best to use a specialized mixture that includes a cup of vinegar and a cup of water. Apply this mixture to the window glass, let it settle overnight, and then wipe it using a cloth.

This will help get rid of the sun damage on your windows in seconds. If necessary, you can always go and complete the same steps again to get an even better finish.

This is up to you.

Here is a detailed look at how to clean sun-damaged windows and what works best during this process.

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Steps On How To Clean Sun-Damaged Windows

1. Wipe With Dry Cloth

A sun-damaged window is still going to be dirty.

This means you should not apply any cleaning agent on the surface until it has been prepped. To do this, you are going to take a dry cloth or towel and wipe the surface from top to bottom.

The goal is to eliminate any surface debris that has settled on the window over time.

This is common due to how a window works and the amount of exposure it has to the environment.

If necessary, you can also make this a two-day job.

This means on the first day, all you are going to do is spray water on the surface and wipe it using a cloth. This will ensure you remove all of the debris in one shot.

For the second day, you can then follow the next steps listed in this guide.

If you want to do all of it within 24 hours, you will have to just wipe the surface with nothing more than a dry cloth.

how to clean sun damaged windows

2. Mix Vinegar and Water

If a window has been damaged by the sun, you are going to need a potent mixture that will cut through the damaged spots.

To do this, you will want to take out a small container, pour in a cup of vinegar, and a cup of water.

Let it sit and make sure the ingredients have mixed properly. Be thorough about this to get the results you’re after.

Now, you are going to begin working on cleaning the sun-damaged window at home.

3. Apply Onto The Window And Leave Overnight

The process here is to take the mixture and spray or apply it onto the window.

You are going to have to be meticulous about this as how much area the mixture covers is just as important as when it’s applied.

You will want to apply it onto the window carefully.

Cover the entire glass and ensure the mixture gets a chance to do its job.

how to clean sun damaged windows

4. Scrub Using A Cloth

You are now going to take out a piece of cloth after letting it settle overnight.

The problem areas are going to be looser now and you will have no issue working away at the grime.

This ensures the window is going to be clean and those sun-damaged spots will be a thing of the past. You should only use a dry cloth while doing this to ensure you don’t leave streak marks behind.

This is a process that should entail having a plan in mind.

This includes how you move your hand around while wiping. You should do this in circular motions to avoid a situation where there are marks all over the place!

Be careful and only wipe in a circular motion.

This will clean the sun-damaged window and bring it back to how it was.

Final Thoughts

These are the best tips on how to clean sun-damaged windows.

To clean sun-damaged windows, it’s best to use a mixture with a cup of vinegar and a cup of water. Apply this mixture onto the window and let it settle in overnight. Once ready, take a clean cloth and wipe the surface until the damaged spots are clean.

This is a simple process and it’s all about having the right ingredients in hands to get the job done.

Please note, you should only use clean water and ensure it is applied thoroughly. If you rush, you will leave streak marks and that is always unappealing to look at.

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