How To Cover A Brick Fireplace With Shiplap? (Helpful Tips!)

The fireplace is a focal point in many living rooms.

It sets the tone and shapes how the rest of the living space looks. This is why most homeowners take the time to focus on the aesthetic of the fireplace and the image it conveys.

This includes looking at how to cover a brick fireplace with a shiplap.

The best way to cover a brick fireplace with a shiplap is to glue the strips along the edges of the fireplace to create a seamless design. Modern-day materials ensure this process is easy and safe without compromising the fireplace’s integrity.

It’s recommended to consult with a specialist to learn more about which option is best for your fireplace.

Here are a few tips on how to cover a brick fireplace with a shiplap.

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Tips On How To Cover A Brick Fireplace With Shiplap

1. Match With The Room

The first detail to think about will be the overall theme of the room.

With shiplap for your fireplace, it’s essential to choose a matching design that is going to be aesthetically pleasing. You don’t want the shiplap to stand out and make the fireplace look foreign in the room.

Everything needs to be in harmony for the fireplace to stand out. This is just as important as having a fireplace.

In general, a simple design is the way to go and will keep things safe.

how to cover a brick fireplace with shiplap

2. Glue The Strips for a Seamless Design

When installing the shiplap around a brick fireplace, you will want to use a strong adhesive.

This will ensure the shiplap sticks and looks perfect from angles. What you don’t want is a few bumps coming out that are odd-looking and don’t have the aesthetic appeal that you are going for as a homeowner.

This matters a lot when it comes to gluing the strips together.

Glue is enough to keep the shiplap in place and will lead to a design that is easy on the eyes once it is set up.

Take the time to glue each strip and then let it dry.

This is a must as a lot of people will set up the strips and then they fall off. You have to make sure it is stuck in place with both the glue and studs.

3. Center The Strips

To design the shiplap around the fireplace, you have to realize it is not just about putting the strips into place.

You have to make sure this is done the right way.

The goal is to center the strips and start with the middle of the mantle.

The shiplap strips should not look odd or out of place. The main piece should be centered above the fireplace mantle before working your way out.

This is a great way to work your way out.

You don’t want a situation where the strips are not centered and it looks odd. This will create a design that might throw a person’s eye off when they enter the room.

how to cover a brick fireplace with shiplap

4. Use Nails

Glue is a good starting point but you need nails to reinforce the shiplap above a fireplace.

This will ensure the fireplace looks neat and clean without loose ends. It is common for shiplap to start sticking out and that is often due to the adhesive that is used.

You want to make sure things are done the right way by looking at setting things up using nails. Continue to work your way around until the shiplap is secure and looks beautiful from all angles.

This is a must.

Related Questions

1. Can You Put Shiplap Over Brick Fireplace?

You can put shiplap over a brick fireplace. The firing strips are attached directly to the brick with the shiplap going into place on top. This can be done with the help of a strong adhesive and liquid nails for a more seamless look.

2. How Do You Put Shiplap Over A Fireplace?

To put the shiplap over a fireplace, it starts by taking the firing strips and attaching them to the brick using glue. The shiplap can then go on top of the strips using liquid nails for a consistent finish around the brick fireplace.

Final Thoughts

These are the best tips on how to cover a brick fireplace with a shiplap.

It is important to choose the right shiplap for your brick fireplace, invest in a strong adhesive, and make sure to nail everything down.

This will lead to the results you are after as a homeowner.

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