27 Ideas On How To Decorate Around TV On A Budget

When you enter a living room, you often think about the TV and where it’s located.

This is natural.

Your eye is going to go there instantly and that’s common for people who want to optimize their setup and ensure it turns out as required.

If you want to make sure your TV looks great and is a beautiful part of the interior, it’s time to look at how to decorate around a TV.

Floor Lamp

The floor lamp is gorgeous.

You can use these to illuminate the room and improve the space’s aesthetics as soon as the lamp is in place.

It is recommended to attempt matching the floor lamp to the TV to make sure it flows with the visual in front of you.

Vintage Table

Vintage tables are good for TVs.

These are ideal because they are easy to set up and will age gracefully. It also helps in a neutral living room where you are attempting to not draw too much attention to the table itself.

It’s best to start here and make sure the vintage table is intricate and perfect for the room.


Are you an avid reader?

It might be time to look at the charm of bookshelves and how easy they are on the eyes as soon as you set them up.

We would take a look at going with a gorgeous bookshelf to coordinate with the TV.


If you are hoping to add a bit of greenery in the room, it’s best to look at adding planters.

Planters work well because they are easy to personalize.

You can pinpoint what’s required to get the plant to look good alongside the TV. This includes picking the type of plant you prefer.

Floating Shelves With Candles

Floating shelves work well for different reasons.

You are going to have additional space to add decor items to the shelves and this is going to include the use of candles.

Candles are ideal for those who want to elevate the aesthetic of the space including when it starts to get darker.

Wicker Basket

A wicker basket is always nice because it’s going to offer a more rustic element to the overall setup.

You are going to appreciate how it all comes together.

This is a warm, easy-going aesthetic that will work well when decorating around the TV at home.

Large Art Piece

Do you have an art piece that’s close to your heart?

Art pieces are nice because they are great for adding beauty to the space and will turn out as you want them to.

Take the time to make the most of the beautiful art piece and feel confident in how it’s going to turn out.

Plants And Candles

Plants are integral for those who want to make sure their aesthetic is beautiful.

When you combine them with candles, you are going to get the perfect package and it’s going to age well too.

Choose beautiful plants that will fit nicely with the room the TV is in.

Lanterns With Wall Art

Lanterns are an intricate touch and you are going to adore how this decor idea turns out.

This is due to the natural elegance of lanterns, especially when you begin to combine them with wall art.

The wall art is going to make everything more prominent and easier on the eyes.


Frames are a good option for those who do have family photos and/or other types of photos they want to put up on the wall.

Look to get equal-sized frames that are going to be balanced and easy to put up.

You are going to enjoy how things turn out by doing this.

Cubed TV Stand

What type of TV stand are you looking into?

Cubed TV stands are great because they are clean, efficient, and easy to store items in. For those who have loads of accessories associated with the TV, you are going to like having the added storage space.

Tall TV Stand

A taller TV stand is a great option because it’s going to add height to the area.

This is also going to reduce the gap between the TV and the stand assuming the TV is on the wall. If it’s on the stand, this is going to increase the height of the TV and make it easier to watch while sitting.

Window Frame Decor

The window frame decor is beautiful and unique.

This focuses on using the window frame aesthetic as a way to build around the TV and make it stand out properly.

Take the time to play with this type of decor and ensure it turns out as you want it to.


Lamplights cannot be underrated when it comes to going with something appealing, light, and charming from all angles.

The lights are going to brighten the space and also elevate how the TV looks once it’s in place.

Pick and choose lamplights that will coordinate well with the room.


Ornaments are often used depending on the time of year and you can swap them around based on the aesthetic you are going for.

It is common for people to look at this option when it’s Christmas time.

You can set up ornaments around the TV to help create that theme.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves on their own are a good option because you can vary what you are putting on them including the type of shelves you go with.

We would recommend going with clean shelves that are color-coordinating with the room they’re in.

This is integral to how things turn out.

Framed Mirror

A framed mirror is not a bad idea to brighten the space with how the light is going to hit it.

This is also going to improve the elegance of the space and that alone cannot go underrated when hoping to beautify the space.

The framed mirror is also going to work well with the space itself.

Dark Wood Decor

Dark colors tend to work well when associated with a TV.

The reason we say this is due to most TVs are black. This makes it easier to balance the overall look of the TV and how it compares to the decor around it.

Don’t ignore this element when attempting to beautify the space.

Small Plants

Small plants are integral to how things are done and you are going to appreciate how much this little detail can do for your TV area.

You are going to want to choose clean plants that are aesthetically pleasing and are going to work well for your setup.

This is going to help the TV pop more while making the room fresher.

Black Cupboards

Black cupboards are wonderful because you are going to gain access to a sleek finish.

This is ideal for those who want to match their decor with the TV itself.

It’s going to be balanced, beautiful, and ideal from all angles. You are also going to get more space within the cupboards to place your accessories.

Family Picture Shelf

Do you want to put up your family photos?

One option is to take the time to set up a shelf. This shelf is going to be close to the TV and then you are going to place family photos on top of it.

This is clean and welcoming adding warmth to the space due to the photos.

Rustic TV Decor

A rustic TV decor is going to revolve around woods and other warmer colors.

You are going to want to have that earthier touch to the decor as this is going to help balance the harshness of the TV in the space.

It’s a unique look that makes a room comfortable.

Warm Lighting

If the lighting is not on point in a room, it’s going to take away from the TV.

One option is to take the time to look at warmer lighting.

Warm lighting works well because it’s not harsh and it’s going to work well with the space you’re in. It will also work well for the TV itself as the screen will be easier to see even if the lights are turned on.

Two Lamps

Lamps tend to work well depending on their size.

One option would be to use two smaller lamps.

You are going to place these lamps to the side of the TV and this is going to help complete the look you are going for.

Standing Candle Holder

A candle holder is great and it can become even better if it’s a standing candle holder close to a TV.

Don’t underestimate how good this type of solution can be as soon as it is set up.

You will have access to a gorgeous candle that’s going to work well and it’s going to be balanced from all angles.

Neutral TV Decor

Neutral living rooms are going to require a neutral design.

It’s best to look at your options and go with this type of decor. It’s going to be earthy, charming, and balanced.

This is integral to how you are setting things up and making sure the TV remains prominent in the space.

Farmhouse Cupboard

Farmhouse cupboards are spacious and breathtaking to look at.

You are going to want to consider this option if you want to go for a clean, elegant design that’s going to work in all settings.

The farmhouse finish is going to be robust and work well for the TV space.