How To Destroy A Box Spring (And What To Use!)

A box spring that has been changed out will need to be removed. This means you will want to find a good way to dispose of it without harming the environment and/or getting fined. There are strict regulations in many parts of the world about destroying bed springs. As a result, you will want to learn how to destroy a box spring safely.

The best way to destroy a box spring is to use a hand saw and a pair of scissors. You will want to cut the top surface with scissors and begin sawing through the wood.

This can take a bit of time but will ensure the box spring is easy to remove in smaller pieces.

Key factors:

  • Type of Hand Saw
  • Quality of the Scissors
  • Time

A lot of people prefer finding a safe way to remove box springs from their homes. This is easier said than done because it takes up quite a bit of space and will not be easy to remove as you would with other items.

Due to this, you will have to learn how to destroy a box spring safely.

This includes taking the time to invest in the right tools, going through the right steps, and making sure you account for everything from a safety perspective.

This guide on how to destroy a box spring safely will showcase what is required and how to go through the process properly.

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Tips On How To Destroy A Box Spring

1. Cut Springs With Scissors

The goal is to begin with the surface.

Find a safe spot to begin working on the box spring. This includes laying a sheet or mat underneath the box spring to ensure it doesn’t slip as soon as you begin to work on it.

Once you have it set on a stable surface, you will want to cut through the top surface. This can be done with scissors.

At this point, you will want to start cutting through the springs one by one.

This can take a bit of time and there is no reason to hurry. Take your time and go through each spring to make sure you have access to the wood underneath.

how to destroy a box spring

2. Use a Hand Saw for the Wood

Now it is time to begin working on the wood as you figure out how to destroy a box spring.

The goal with the hand saw is to work through the wood base. This is going to be the toughest part of the project and needs to be handled with care.

Make sure you are wearing the necessary safety gear while doing this including protective gear for your hands.

Start from one end to ensure the cuts are clean and everything is easier to manage as you work through the entire bed spring.

Start from one end and make sure to saw through the wood cleanly. This will ensure you have an easier time putting the smaller pieces away as you dispose of the box spring.

If you are messy during this stage, it might take longer and become a much harder task.

how to destroy a box spring

3. Cut Into Small Pieces

How large are the pieces you are cutting?

You will want to make sure they are small and this can require you to cut each piece twice. By doing this, you are going to have a much easier time disposing of the box spring later on.

By cutting the box spring into smaller pieces, it will become easier to place it in garbage bags for safe disposal.

Remember, the wood has to go somewhere once you are done.

If you want to toss it out, you will want to make the pieces easier to manage by cutting them into smaller ones.

This is vital as you learn how to destroy a box spring correctly.

1. How Do You Dispose Of A Box Spring?

To dispose of a box spring, it’s recommended to reach out to a local landfill that deals with this type of material. It is also best to speak to a qualified removal service if you wish to dispose of the box spring quickly.

2. How Do You Destroy A Spring Mattress?

The best way to destroy a spring mattress is to use scissors to cut through the top surface. This will allow you to access the inner springs and wood. The springs can be removed and taken to the recycling center while the wood is sawed through using a hand saw.

Final Thoughts

These are the most important tips on how to destroy a box spring properly.

Make sure you are investing in the right tools and it is going to work out the way you want. This project can end up taking a few hours but is well worth the effort.

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