How To Extend Faucet Supply Line (Solved)

A faucet that has a short supply line isn’t going to work.

Each installation layout is going to vary, which means the length of the tube running to the fixture is going to be important. If it is too short, you will need to start making adjustments or the faucet becomes useless.

So, what do you do then?

The most important step is to measure everything and ensure you are on top of the issue. This is key when you learn how to extend a faucet supply line.

To extend a faucet supply line, measure the required gap. Once done, buy two 3/8″x3/8″ compression couplings and two braided stainless steel hoses. Attach these to the end of the supply line and re-check the length. It should be good to go.

This is a simple fix and it will not take a long time once you have the necessary parts in hand.

The faucet supply line is made with the idea of adjustments in mind. After all, each situation is going to be customized based on the layout that is in front of you.

Just take off the compression couplings and re-adjust the length of the faucet supply line.

This guide will pinpoint more on how to extend a faucet supply line.

Best Extender For Faucet Supply Line (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Steps On How To Extend Faucet Supply Line

1. Shut Off The Water Supply

To complete this process, you will need to learn how to connect two faucet supply lines the right way.

The best place to start will be with the basics.

This includes turning off the water supply going to the faucet. This is going to ensure you don’t have a situation where water is pouring out of the pipe that is coming to the faucet.

The goal is to have the water completely turned off from the main valve going to the faucet.

how to extend faucet supply line

2. Measure The Gap

When it comes to setting up a kitchen faucet water supply line extension kit, you will need to know how wide the gap is.

This is the only way to lengthen a faucet supply line the right way.

You are going to take a measuring tape and then look at what the gap is between the short faucet supply line and where it needs to go.

This is key information that will let you know how long the connection has to be between the two points.

This is the best way to ensure you get the right materials when you are ready to move forward with an adjustment.

3. Remove Existing Compression Coupling

You are now going to remove the compression coupling.

The goal here is to make sure you have a connecting point between the two. This can be done by removing the existing compression coupling and then using this point to connect the new faucet supply line.

You will notice this when you look at the supply line in detail.

Find the connector as that is where the two points meet.

Remove this and then begin adding the new hose that you have in your hand. When learning how to lengthen a faucet supply line, this is a key part of the process.

how to extend faucet supply line

4. Install New Hose With Compression Couplings

Before doing anything, go out and invest in the right solution.

You will have two options.

The first is going to be to go out and get – Two 3/8″x3/8″ compression couplings and two braided stainless steel hoses.

The other option is to get a simple extension kit such as the one shown below. It comes down to what you require.

No products found.

When you have this in hand, connect it to the existing water supply line.

This is going to help extend it by as much as you need. The extra length should cover the gap and make sure things work as planned.

Final Thoughts

These are the main steps on how to extend a faucet supply line and what to account for during the process.

To extend a faucet supply line, start by measuring the gap. Now, invest in two 3/8″x3/8″ compression couplings and two braided stainless steel hoses. Remove the existing compression coupling, connect this extension part, and re-test the water supply. It should be a perfect fit.

This is a fix that should only take 10-15 minutes to set up once the main water valve is off.

Any other solution is time-consuming and unnecessary. These extension parts and kits come for a reason.

They work and are going to be useful when you are looking to length a faucet supply line. If a faucet supply line is too short, this is a simple fix that will get the job done.

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