How To Extend IKEA Curtain Rod (Solved)

When an IKEA curtain rod is brought home, you will assume it’s going to be a perfect fit that will set up the way you want it to.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out as intended.

An IKEA curtain rod can be too small. When this occurs, you will have to figure out how to extend an IKEA curtain rod at home.

To extend an IKEA curtain rod, start by seeing if the item is adjustable. IKEA makes adjustable curtain rods that can be extended with a simple twist and pull. If not, remove the end, attach a small rod to the end, and use tape to tighten its hold.

For the most part, extending an IKEA rod is only worth it if you have appropriate materials lying around at home. Otherwise, you are better off investing in a longer curtain rod rather than spending money on extending a smaller one.

This guide will explain what you can do as you learn how to extend an IKEA curtain rod.

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Steps On How To Extend An IKEA Curtain Rod

1. Remove The Curtain Rod

To lengthen an IKEA curtain rod, you will want to remove it from the holder.

It’s important to have it lying flat in front of you before pinpointing what the right strategy is moving forward.

In general, the IKEA curtain rod should be easy to manipulate and move around when you are ready to adjust it.

The average IKEA curtain rod is already going to come with an adjustable mechanism built into it. This is specifically to ensure you can make subtle adjustments based on the range that was given in terms of measurements.

With this information in hand, you will want to begin assessing the rod in detail.

Make sure it is set on a flat surface while doing this and check everything. Attempt to pull it and see if it starts to lengthen.

how to extend ikea curtain rod

2. Check To See If The Rod Is Adjustable

Yes, most IKEA curtain rods are engineered with this in mind already.

For example, you can pick up an IKEA curtain rod and look for the adjustable mechanism that is built into it. This can be activated by twisting the rod and then extending it.

It will start to lengthen as soon as you do this.

If you go on the IKEA website, you will realize most curtain rods are sold within a set range. This means the rod can be adjusted in that range when you want to shorten or lengthen it.

Take your time to see if this helps. It is an easy fix that should only take a few seconds.

3. Remove Finials And Attach a Similar Rod To Ends

What if the IKEA rod is not adjustable?

If you are still eager to lengthen the IKEA curtain rod, it’s time to think about what works and what does not to lengthen it properly.

For example, you will want to attach a second rod to the end.

The best part about some IKEA curtain rods is you can easily buy a second one and attach it to the end. It will adjust and you will get an exact match. Attempt this if you are dead set on extending what you already have.

Otherwise, you can also look to attach a similar rod that is purchased from elsewhere.

This is up to you.

how to extend ikea curtain rod

4. Reset The Finials

When you have taped the rod into place or added a secondary IKEA curtain rod in, it’s time to reset the finials.

This is how you are going to get the finishing touch you are after with the lengthening process.

Don’t rush this and make sure the finials are properly in place before putting the rod back where it belongs.

This includes adding the curtain to see whether or not it looks good when installed.

Final Thoughts

This is how to extend an IKEA curtain rod at home.

To extend an IKEA curtain rod, it’s best to start by finding the adjustable mechanism. This requires the user to twist and extend the rod. If this is impossible, buy a secondary IKEA curtain rod and attach it to the end. There’s a pin that will allow the rod to go in. You can also invest in a similar rod from elsewhere to do the same.

It is important to stay patient and make sure you are thinking about the aesthetics of your decision too.

You don’t want a situation where the rod is uneven and looks odd.

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