How To Fix Cracked Grout On Tile Floor (Step-By-Step)

It’s not ideal to deal with a situation where the grout doesn’t remain settled.

This can happen when the wrong type of grout has been used or there are environmental conditions in the space that are causing issues.

You will not want to have a situation where there is cracked grout on the tile floor.

If there’s cracked grout on the tile floor, this means the flooring is structurally unstable, the grout has too much moisture in it, or the cleaning agent is too harsh. To fix the issue, clean with baking soda, replace loose tiles, and set up a dehumidifier in the room. Replace the grout if too much has come out.

If there is too much moisture in the grout, this is going to cause it to become loose. When this happens, any interaction with the grout (i.e. cleaning) will cause it to come out.

There is no reason to panic and it’s best to set up a dehumidifier to dry the grout. If too much has come out, you will want to replace it with new grout.

This is an important part of maintaining the grout in tiles and ensuring it does not continue to come out unnecessarily.

This article is going to take a look at how to fix cracked grout on a tile floor and what to consider when it comes to fixing it.

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How To Fix Cracked Grout On The Tile Floor

1. Remove Moisture From The Room

To prevent grout from coming out between tiles, it’s important to look at the root cause.

Each situation is unique.

If the root cause is excess moisture in the tiles then this is going to lead to grout coming out. This is a common issue in bathrooms, which is why you have to use waterproof grout and then seal it with a robust grout sealant.

Assuming one of these barriers breaks down, the grout is going to crumble.

When this happens, you need to remove moisture from the space instantly. This includes not using water on the tiles for at least 72 hours.

You will also want to set up a dehumidifier to take out moisture from the room. This includes removing plants and increasing airflow using a fan.

how to fix cracked grout on tile floor

2. Remove & Replace Loose Tiles

If grout is coming out of shower tiles, it’s best to replace the tiles.

One of the main issues people notice comes in the form of shifted tiles. These tiles move, which causes the grout to get misplaced too.

You will assume it’s the grout that is the issue when it could be the tiles.

Look at the shape of the tiles and whether or not they have shifted. Even if it is a few centimeters, this is more than enough to cause grout to come out of the tiles.

Replace all loose tiles instantly.

3. Refill The Grout

You will also want to refill the grout.

Sometimes, the grout is going to be past the point of no return. This means it will be too crumbly and powdery.

If that is the case, your only solution is to refill the grout to the level it needs to be. Dig out the old grout before doing this.

For the new grout, make sure it is set at a 1:1 ratio. This means one cup of water for each cup of grout.

how to fix cracked grout on tile floor

4. Only Clean With Baking Soda

It is also important to think about how you clean grout.

If you are cleaning grout and then it starts coming out between tiles, this means your cleaning agent is the real troublemaker.

You will want to clean it with baking soda as soon as possible.

Don’t create a situation where you are not cleaning the surface. However, you also don’t want to use a harsh cleaning agent.

This is why baking soda works.

It will keep the surface devoid of dirt and grime without harming the grout itself.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps on how to fix cracked grout on a tile floor.

If there’s cracked grout on a tile floor, it is likely due to a structural issue or too much moisture. To fix the issue, replace all loose tiles, dig out the old grout, refill it with new waterproof grout, only use baking soda to clean, and set up a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the room.

This is the best way to make sure the grout doesn’t come out between tiles all the time.

If you are worried about crumbling grout coming out between tiles, it is best to follow the steps shown in this guide.

It will go a long way in preventing grout from coming out all the time.

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