How To Fix Curtain Rod Pulled Out Of Wall (Solved)

Changing a curtain rod involves a bit more planning than you initially assume.

You will have to not only take out the curtain rod but also make sure it’s structurally sound. This is important if you plan on using the curtain rod again in a different space.

When you pull out a curtain rod, it is going to get ruined. This is why being careful during the process is important if you are going to reuse the pulled-out curtain rod.

The main detail to think about is how to fix a curtain rod that’s pulled out of the wall.

To fix a curtain rod that’s pulled out of the wall, start by checking to see if the rod is adjustable. If it is, remove the adjustable end, replace it with an exact match, and add a new finial. If not, cut the damaged end and add a new piece to the end with heavy-duty tape.

You have to be patient during this process as it is only worth it when you use the right material.

In this day and age, a lot of curtain rods are adjustable. This means they come with a pin at the end that allows the rod to move in and out. If you remove that stopping pin, you can take out that part of the curtain rod.

It’s a simple fix allowing you to replace that part with a newer piece. This is common with most of the major brands including IKEA.

This article will explain how to fix a curtain rod that’s pulled out of the wall and what to use.

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Steps On How To Fix Curtain Rod Pulled Out Of Wall

1. Inspect The Damaged Spots

After a curtain rod is pulled out of the wall, you will want to inspect its damaged spots.

Of course, the average person is going to start with the wall. This is important and you will want to ensure any damage to the wall is filled too.

However, since this guide is focused on the curtain rod, you will want to bring it under a light source (i.e. sun, lamp) and inspect its structural integrity.

how to fix curtain rod pulled out of wall

2. Look For Stopping Pin On The Curtain Rod

Once you complete the inspection, you will now know where the damaged spots are and whether or not it’s fixable.

If it’s a small crack or a clean break, you will want to find the stopping pin assuming it’s an adjustable curtain rod. These rods have stopping pins that let the rod slide in and out to lengthen it whenever necessary.

By removing the stopping pin, you can take out the damaged part of the curtain rod on the spot.

3. Remove The Adjustable Side & Replace With New Piece

After taking out the damaged part of the rod, you will want to go out and buy a similar curtain rod.

The adjustable ones such as the curtain rods sold by IKEA can be replaced easily. You will want to slide in the new rod where the older one was. It will go in and then you can lock it using the stopping pin that was already in place.

how to fix curtain rod pulled out of wall

4. Cut Damaged Part & Replace With New Piece Using Tape (If Necessary)

What if the curtain rod is not adjustable and is a straight rod?

In this case, you will want to cut the damaged part off. Once the rod is ready to go, you will want to buy a newer piece and tape it onto the end.

This should be well-taped as the rod itself is going to need to look seamless. Look to find a tape that is the same color to ensure it’s a seamless fit.

This should not take a long time and you will get it to look the way you want it to.

Another option is to cut the end of the new rod a bit smaller than the hole. This will allow you to slide it in and then push a screw through the top. This will lock the two pieces in.

When doing this, you will have to be careful to ensure it does not cause a new hairline crack to form.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to follow as you learn how to fix a curtain rod that’s pulled out of the wall.

To fix a curtain rod that’s pulled out of the wall, start by seeing if it’s adjustable. To fix the issue, remove the adjustable end by removing the stopping pin. Put a new rod into the hole, re-insert the stopping pin, and use the rod. If it won’t adjust, cut a similar-styled rod, place it on one end of the curtain rod, and tape it.

Remember, you can also pursue another solution where the new curtain rod has a smaller end that will go into the existing hole.

This will allow you to push a screw through the top of the rod to secure both of them into place.

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