How To Fix Ninja Foodi Pressure Lid Error (Step-By-Step Solution!)

Using the Ninja Foodi is supposed to be straightforward.

Unfortunately, the Ninja Foodi can stop working and start giving lid errors. This makes it important to figure out how to fix a Ninja Foodi pressure lid error as soon as possible.

To fix a Ninja Foodi pressure lid error, check if the arrows on the lid are aligned with the cooker. This is to ensure the seal is airtight. If the error persists, you might have put too much food inside the Ninja Foodi causing it to become overfilled. Remove some of the contents and check if that removes the lid error. Additional reasons can include a damaged sealing ring or sensor.

We recommend taking your time and going through each potential solution to figure out how to get rid of the Ninja Foodi pressure lid error.

One of these solutions will get the job done as promised.

This article will take a deeper look at what to do when a Ninja Foodi pressure lid error pops up.

Steps On How To Remove A Ninja Foodi Pressure Lid Error

1. Clean Unit and Tighten the Lid

When it comes to Ninja Foodi error codes, the lid can give you some trouble.

The first step is to look at the basics.

This includes taking apart the unit and cleaning it thoroughly (as shown in the video below). You will want to make sure the appliance does not have debris wedged inside that is throwing off the sensor. This is a common issue Ninja Foodi owners deal with all the time!

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the appliance, it’s best to look at the lid.

You will want to tighten the lid and make sure the arrowheads are right in line when tightened. You will feel it seal shut when you do this correctly.

Please note, if this error comes up with ingredients inside, don’t clean the unit. Instead, skip straight to the tightening part and see if that works first. You might not need to clean the appliance at all.

2. Check To See If Appliance is Overfilled

If the Ninja Foodi is overfilled, you are going to get an error.

This is the unit telling you to lessen the load on the appliance. If not, either the food is going to get ruined or the Ninja Foodi will.

This is why you are better off checking to see if the appliance has been overfilled to the point of no return. This can do a serious amount of damage and might even cause it to stop working at all.

The best step is to not have the ingredients right up against the lid.

Leave some breathing room and remove ingredients if you are getting an error right now.

3. Inspect the Sealing Ring

The next solution for a Ninja Foodi lid error is to look at the sealing ring.

This white ring goes along the inside of the lid and is used to ensure steam is not released when the machine is in action.

If this ring breaks, the appliance will activate its error system.

You will want to inspect the sealing ring to see whether or not that is the issue. In some cases, this can break and will need to be replaced before you can use the Ninja Foodi again.

4. Test the Sensor

This is a potential issue that can cause the unit to malfunction.

In essence, the sensor is going to stop working as it is engineered to. This can happen due to natural wear and tear or the sensor simply failing.

Your goal should be to first unplug the appliance and let it sit for a while. Replug it and see if that refreshes or resets the Ninja Foodi sensor.

If not, you will have to replace the Ninja Foodi sensor as soon as you can.

ninja foodi pressure lid error

Final Thoughts

These are the steps on how to remove a Ninja Foodi pressure lid error.

To fix a Ninja Foodi pressure lid error, start by tightening the lid and making sure it’s aligned with the arrows. Next, inspect the amount of food inside the appliance. If it is overflowing, you will have to remove a little bit of food to get rid of the error. Other issues can include a damaged sealing ring or faulty sensor.

These are simple steps that will fix the error code for your Ninja Foodi in no time.

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