How To Get Rid Of Hot Mop Smell (Step-By-Step)

One of the most distinctive elements of hot mopping is the smell. It’s the first thing people mention when they walk into the bathroom and notice this lingering odor that settles in after the application process.

This will leave you wondering whether or not this hot mop smell will go away. Is this something you are going to have to deal with for a long time?

To get things right, you have to start by learning how to get rid of the hot mop smell.

To get rid of the hot mop smell, start by increasing the airflow in the bathroom. To do this, open the nearest window, set up a fan, and keep the door open. This will air out the bathroom and get rid of the odor in a few hours.

When you first smell the hot mop odor, you are going to think this will never go away. It is due to the potency of the stench.

However, while it is a strong stench, it is not impossible to get rid of. You just need to increase the airflow and this will help remove the hot mop smell from the bathroom instantly.

This article is going to help highlight more about what you have to do as you learn how to get rid of the hot mop smell.

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Steps On How To Get Rid Of Hot Mop Smell

1. Open The Nearest Window

To get rid of the hot mop odor in the bathroom, you will need to open the nearest window.

If you are lucky, this window is going to be located inside the bathroom. However, it is okay to open a window that is in the nearest room.

The goal behind doing this is to increase the airflow in the space. If everything remains still as it often can in the bathroom, the odor is not going to go away soon.

You will end up having a situation where the hot mop smell remains for days.

To avoid this, it becomes mandatory to open the nearest window to get the air flowing from one part of the house to the next.

When you do this, it is also important to test the airflow.

This means standing in front of the window and making sure there is a gentle breeze. If so, you are likely going to see the hot mop smell go away after a few hours.

It can also be faster depending on where the window is located. For example, a bathroom window is ideal for this situation and should take care of the issue within an hour.

how to get rid of hot mop smell

2. Set Up A Fan

It is highly recommended to not just rely on the window.

Yes, an open window is a must but you should also look at a manmade solution in the form of a traditional fan.

The fan is going to help push the air from one part of the room to the next. This will help spread out the fumes and take care of the stench you hate.

Be patient while doing this and keep the fan facing away from the bathroom. This will help push the air out.

3. Leave The Door Open

If you want to remove the hot mop smell from the bathroom, you will also need to keep the bathroom door open.

Why is this important?

It is one thing to create airflow in the bathroom and another to get rid of the hot mop odor. You will need to push the air somewhere and cause it to spread a little bit.

The only way you are going to be doing this is by opening the bathroom door. This will allow the air to flow from outside to other parts of the house.

Just visualize the air flowing throughout the house and you will begin to understand what needs to happen.

Never close the space in the bathroom.

how to get rid of hot mop smell

Final Thoughts

These steps will help as you learn how to get rid of the hot mop smell.

To get rid of the hot mop smell in a bathroom, start by opening the nearest window. Once done, set up a fan facing away from the bathroom. This will push the air out. Also, keep the bathroom door open during this process. The odor should be gone within a few hours.

Don’t worry if you do inhale the fumes. These are not dangerous.

They are noticeable but they are not a risk to your health even if it remains for a few days. If you use the steps listed here, the odor will be gone quickly.

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