How To Get Roomba Over Threshold (Helpful Tips!)

Threshold or transition strips are a normal part of home layouts. They are spread across the home and most people will not look at these elements twice.

However, when there is a robot vacuum in play, you are going to start paying attention to the threshold and how to manage it.

It becomes important to learn how to get a Roomba over the threshold.

The best way to get a Roomba over the threshold is to place a small carpet or rug over the strip. This allows the robot vacuum an opportunity to go over the threshold without stopping. An alternative solution is to schedule separate cleanings for each room.

It will take a bit of planning on your part, but it is not an impossible task to manage.

The Roomba is going to do a good job of cleaning around the threshold and will eventually get over it as long as you have a plan in mind.

This article will teach you how to get a Roomba over the threshold and what to consider during the process.


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Tips For How To Get A Roomba Over The Threshold

1. Use a Small Rug

A good way to get a Roomba over the transition strip is to use a small rug.

The rug will settle on top of the strip to make sure it remains on an even surface. This ensures the Roomba gets on top of the rug and then slides across to the other part of the house.

It is a little manipulation trick that is going to work well to get the Roomba to where it needs to go. This can be challenging if there are too many transition strips in the house, but for most homes, this trick will do.

Just take the time to plan so the Roomba doesn’t stop midway.

Getting the robot vacuum over the threshold is all about patience and understanding what your options are.

If you take the time to find a rug that will sit nicely on the floor, it is easy to get the Roomba across to the other room.

how to get roomba over threshold

2. Schedule Separate Cleanings

This is a simple way to make sure the Roomba doesn’t create new issues while going around or over the transition strip.

The idea is to schedule multiple cleanings for each room.

By doing this, you are not going to have to fret about where the Roomba goes or what parts of the house it cleans. Instead, you just move it to the other part of the house and it will do the rest.

Roombas can have separately scheduled cleanings and this can work well when moving it around the house.

This is not the most convenient solution but it is one you can keep on your mind during the cleaning process.

For a lot of smaller homes, this is easier and is going to provide peace of mind.

how to get roomba over threshold

3. Create a Ramp

Just like the rug, you are going to want to create a harder ramp that settles on top of the threshold.

The reason for doing this is to essentially create a hard surface for the Roomba to travel on. It acts like a natural bridge that the robot vacuum can use to get across.

When doing this, you will want to make sure the Roomba can get onto the ramp.

A small ramp can be a good way to get the robot vacuum over the threshold safely. This can be any surface that allows for the Roomba to get to where it needs to go.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive ramp or even a large one.

Just something tall enough to get the robot vacuum across will do. This can include a simple board that is placed across the threshold.

The goal is to make sure the Roomba doesn’t hit the side of the ramp and can get over it. This is why something like a book might not cut it.

Related Questions

1. Can A Roomba Go Over A Threshold?

The best way for a Roomba to go over a threshold is by placing a small rug over top of it. This will allow the Roomba to get across without bumping against the transition strip.

2. How Do I Make My Robot Vacuum Go Over The Threshold?

You can make a robot vacuum go over the threshold by setting up a ramp using a rug. This rug will allow the robot vacuum to get over the threshold safely without bumping against anything.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to consider when learning how to get a Roomba over the threshold.

Whether it is using a small rug, hard ramp, or scheduling multiple cleanings, you can plan around a threshold in the house. The robot vacuum can get over the threshold using these solutions and it won’t take a lot of your time.

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