How To Hang A Heavy Curtain Rod In Drywall (Solved)

When it is time to hang a curtain rod on drywall, it’s important to understand what is safe and what is not.

If done wrong, you can easily end up damaging the drywall and creating a massive repair job that is going to cost money to fix.

This is why staying patient and learning how to hang a heavy curtain rod in drywall is important.

To hang a heavy curtain rod in drywall, start by using plastic anchors. These are stronger than traditional brackets and can support more weight. If there’s still concern, install a center support bracket to provide further protection.

You will have to see how much weight the drywall can take along with how the heavy curtain rod is installed.

Sometimes, all you are going to need is the plastic anchor on each site. However, if the curtain rod is big and heavy, it will require a center support bracket on top of the plastic anchors.

This guide will explain how to hang a heavy curtain rod in drywall, what to use, and how to make sure your curtain rod doesn’t come crashing down in the middle of the night.

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Steps On How To Hang A Heavy Curtain Rod In Drywall

1. Install Plastic Anchors On Both Sides

When it comes to hanging a heavy curtain rod on the wall, you will want to have additional support along the ends.

There are different ways of doing this but most experts state a plastic anchor can go a long way in delivering stability.

The plastic anchor is going to replace the traditional bracket that would otherwise be used in a situation such as this.

Put the plastic anchors where the brackets would go. This is going to add comprehensive stability and the heavier curtain rod is not going to bend or look out of shape as soon as it goes on the drywall.

2. Find Center Point Of The Curtain Rod

You will also want to start finding the center point of the curtain rod.

The idea here is to find where the rod would bend if the weight becomes too much. Just like you want to protect the drywall, it’s also important to remember the amount of weight that’s going to go on the rod causing it to bend.

To avoid this, you can add a stronger bracket down the middle once you find that center point on the rod.

Be thorough and measure multiple times to ensure it’s right in the center of the rod.

3. Install Center Support Bracket

Once you have found the center of the rod, it’s time to pinpoint where the center support bracket is.

This ensures you have a situation where the bracket is robust and helps keep the rod in place on the drywall.

You don’t want a situation where the rod begins to bend or becomes difficult to manage. This is when things will not work out the way you want them to.

Set the center support bracket into place and ensure it is not wobbling. This will keep it in the right spot and also protect the drywall too.

how to hang a heavy curtain rod in drywall

4. Test The Curtain Rod

The last step is to place the curtain on the rod once the bracket is in place.

The idea is to see whether or not the rod is going to work the way it is supposed to. Most people will want to start with a lightweight curtain to see how the rod holds up.

If it is fine and the bracket/anchors are working well then it’s time to move forward with the regular curtain you’re thinking about putting up.

The goal is to see whether or not the rod can keep up once the weight increases. If it does, you are good to go.

If it is still bending, you will have to look for an additional anchor that will keep the rod where it is installed.

Final Thoughts

These are the main things to focus on when you want to learn how to hang a heavy curtain rod in drywall.

To hang a heavy curtain rod in drywall, the first step is to use plastic anchors where a traditional bracket would go. Also, add a center support bracket to help keep the rod from bending in the middle. These items will ensure the rod stays on the drywall and doesn’t lose its shape.

It’s a simple fix and one that is going to ensure the curtain rod works the way you want it to.

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