How To Hang Towels Decoratively (With Examples)

Tossing towels to the side or hanging them on a door is not your only option.

There are many different ways to hang towels and beautify the space they are in. To the surprise of many people, there is an elegance to a well-placed towel that cannot be denied.

You can elevate a space’s aesthetic with the towel being in the right spot.

Due to this, you will want to learn how to hang towels decoratively.

To hang towels decoratively, invest in a good hanging fixture such as a bar or hook. This offers a strict, aesthetically pleasing spot for the towel to be hung. Use this as a way to manipulate the style, shape, and look of the towel to beautify the space it’s in.

Most people want the towels to look clean and crisp when they’re hung on a bar or hook.

To do this, you need to have an eye for style and make sure you are using a fixture that is in the right spot.

This is why a good towel bar in the bathroom works like a charm.

This guide will provide examples of how to hang towels decoratively and what to account for when it’s time to put up your towels in the room.

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Tips On How To Hang Towels Decoratively

1. Clean And Crisp

This is a beautiful solution because it’s clean and crisp.

You will want to hang the towel in a space that is compact, clean, and accessible within the room.

You can do this with both a towel hook and a bar. It is up to you.

Your goal here is to have a setup where you are using multiple colors or spacing out the towels to make them look elegant.

The goal here is to ensure there is harmony through balance.

In the example below, you see two hooks being used for this purpose. The white and grey blend offers a unique balance to the bathroom and also keeps the wall clean.

how to hang towels decoratively

2. The Ghost Towel

This is a modern way to hang towels decoratively.

Here you are going to be using a small hook or knob that is going to be placed on the wall. This knob is going to disappear as soon as the towel is hung on it.

It creates a ghost-like effect that is quite appealing to the eye and something people will notice.

You should do this with smaller towels as it will create an aesthetic that is impossible to ignore.

how to hang towels decoratively

3. Small And Big

This is a great option for rooms where you are going to have multiple towels hung on the wall.

You might not want to toss them on top of each other, which means it’s best to mix things up and go with a sturdier option.

This is when the towel bar is most effective.

You are going to set up the towel bar and then place the largest towel as the base. You will then have the smaller towels out in front.

This works even better in the example shown below where you have two towel bars running alongside each other.

how to hang towels decoratively

4. The Ring

This example takes a look at a traditional towel ring and how it can be used to beautify a space.

Towels do not need to be tossed on a door.

You can set up a small hook in the space and then use this as a place for the towel to go. This works well because the ring is going to be different than a traditional hook.

You will go with a circular ring that is going to be used to hang the towel on.

The ring itself is beautiful and will appeal to you as soon as you set it up.

how to hang towels decoratively

Final Thoughts

These are the best examples of how to hang towels decoratively.

When hanging towels decoratively, it’s important to find a space that’s clean, convenient, and safe. You should always use a standard fixture such as a towel bar, ring, or hook. This makes it easier to beautify the space whether it’s a large or small towel.

If you want to get things right, always start with the fixture and go from there.

If you do this, it will become a lot easier to set up the towel on the wall and make sure it looks elegant.

It is highly recommended to look through the options that have been shown here and pinpoint what works best for your space.

In smaller bathrooms, it’s often better to go with a towel hook or ring. While larger bathrooms can go with a more substantial towel bar.

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