How To Hide Plug Sockets In Kitchen (Solved)

When you walk into a kitchen, most people will notice the appliances, flooring, and of course the cabinets.

The one thing you are not going to want to see stand out will be the plug outlets. These should settle into the background and stay out of the way.

What if this does not happen?

The real concern becomes how to hide plug sockets in the kitchen without compromising the room’s overall aesthetic.

To hide plug sockets in the kitchen, start by installing them in cabinets. For existing sockets, use wallpaper or backsplash as a way to camouflage the outlet without compromising the room’s look. It’s also recommended to grout sockets together to avoid a widespread mess.

These are simple solutions that are going to make sure the sockets don’t get in the way of your kitchen’s appearance.

The focus should always be on hiding the outlets and keeping them out of the way.

This guide will pinpoint how to go about hiding plug sockets in kitchens and what to think about while doing this.

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Tips On How To Hide Plug Sockets In Kitchen

1. Use Wallpaper Or Backsplash

When learning how to hide electrical outlets in the kitchen, you should look at specialized features that work well in this part of the property.

This can include tasteful wallpaper or backsplash.

The goal is to have the outlet settle into the background due to how the backsplash or wallpaper looks.

Most people will have their eyes drawn to the backsplash or wallpaper, which helps shield the socket from standing out. This can often work if you go with a pattern or darker color that is busier than the rest of the kitchen.

You will have to be particular with the solution you go with but it is going to work wonders.

how to hide plug sockets in kitchen

2. Group The Outlets Together

If you want to hide kitchen outlets, you can also look to group them together.

This helps ensure the eye doesn’t get drawn to different parts of the kitchen when it comes to spotting outlets. This looks off-putting and is the last thing you are going to want as a property owner.

You will want to have the outlets tucked away in one spot.

This keeps the cords in one place. You can choose a central location where everything can reach these outlets when necessary.

If you spread out the outlets, they are not going to look the way you want.

3. Install The Socket Inside A Cabinet

You can always have kitchen outlets under the cabinet or inside the cabinet.

The goal here is to keep the outlets out of the way and out of sight. This is a great solution depending on how you are going to have the cords running to the outlets.

You can even group the outlets in the cabinets if necessary.

It simply comes down to the layout of the kitchen. Sometimes, this is not going to be much of an option because of how things are plugged into the outlets.

Consider it and see if you can do this.

You can also look at learning how to hide outlets in the kitchen island. This can be used to your advantage as a fixture for camouflaging outlets.

how to hide plug sockets in kitchen

4. Match The Faceplate

This is a good solution when you run out of options.

Most of the issues people deal with come in the form of the outlet’s color. It will not match the rest of the wall and look odd.

You can use a matching faceplate to cut some of the immediate shocks a person has when their eye sees the outlet.

The faceplate will help the outlet settle into the background instantly.

Is it guaranteed to work? No, but it is a good option if you want an immediate solution without having to spend a lot of money on backsplash tiles.

Final Thoughts

This is what you need to know as you learn how to hide a plug socket in the kitchen.

To hide a plug socket in the kitchen, consider adding backsplash tiles or wallpaper, It is also recommended to group outlets in one spot whether it’s inside a kitchen cabinet, on a specific wall, or the kitchen island.

These are simple solutions that will go a long way when it comes to hiding plug sockets in the kitchen.

Plan everything and also take the time to consider how functional the outlets are. You need them to be functional or it will not work out.

A good outlet has to stay hidden but it should also work.

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