How To Identify Shower Valve Manufacturer (Answered!)

When it is time to find a specific shower valve replacement, it’s important to know where the original valve came from.

This includes taking the time to look at a set of shower cartridge identification variables. By doing this, you are going to have no trouble at all zeroing in on where the valve came from.

It starts by figuring out how to identify a shower valve manufacturer.

To identify a shower valve manufacturer, it’s recommended to check the trim plate behind the shower handle. This is the most common spot for manufacturers to label their parts. A good example would be a Moen shower valve having “M” written on the back.

This is the easiest way to pinpoint the exact make and model of a shower valve in your bathroom.

This article will take a deeper dive into faucet cartridge identification, where to look, and how to make sure you find the right replacement shower valve.

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Tips On How To Identify Shower Valve Manufacturer

1. Check the Trim Plate

It’s best to start with the trim plate.

The goal here is to look at the trim plate near the shower handle. This is going to provide insight into what the shower valve is all about, where it comes from, and what the model number is.

With Moen shower cartridge types, it’s important to learn how to determine the correct Moen cartridge. This includes looking for the “M” written on the trim plate.

This will shed light on the shower valve being a Moen product. The same applies to any other brand of shower valve that is available on the open market. Most are going to have their initial on the trim plate as a way to highlight their brand.

When focusing on different parts of a shower faucet, it’s best to start here. This is usually where the branding is going to be.

how to identify shower valve manufacturer

2. Look for Letter Identifying The Manufacturer

You can always identify the faucet brand by logo since most companies will have this marked on the shower valve.

You can quickly figure out how to identify a shower valve stem by looking for the letter. This is often going to be marked on the trim plate and will be visible enough for you to make it out from the rest of the parts.

It’s best to scan the trim plate using a bright light as that will allow you to see where it is etched. It can take a bit of time to make out where the shower valve has come from but it will be worth the effort.

3. Take Picture of the Valve

With so many shower valve types on the market, you will also want to account for the model.

It’s one thing to know which brand of shower valve you are dealing with and another to make sure the right model number has been found.

The best course of action is to take an image of the shower valve and then use Google to compare the different models. This will allow you to pinpoint where the shower valve was made including its model number.

When it comes to replacing a shower valve, you will need this information to find an exact fit.

how to identify shower valve manufacturer

4. Take Measurements

The measurements can go a long way when it comes to pinpointing which shower valve is in front of you.

These measurements can help pinpoint specific dimensions associated with the shower valve. This includes where it has come from when it was made, and/or which model you are dealing with at home.

This is key information and something you want to mark down on a piece of paper before heading out.

If you are going to buy the shower valve replacement at Home Depot or any other home hardware store, it’s best to take measurements.

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips on how to identify a shower valve manufacturer.

It is recommended to look at the trim plate near the shower handle when you want to identify a shower valve manufacturer. Most companies will mark an initial near the shower handle. This can be something as simple as “M” for Moen.

Look for these marks along with any additional information that has been written down. This will help clarify everything and make sure you are finding the right shower valve replacement heading into the future.

Remember, if you find the wrong shower valve for your bathroom, it might become difficult to install it. A seamless fit is always going to be a model that is the same and will be an exact fit from day one.

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