How To Keep Plugs From Falling Out Of Sockets (Fixed)

When you are dealing with plugs that don’t seem to stay in place, this can become frustrating and difficult to manage at the best of times.

The right approach, in this case, is to pinpoint what is causing the plugs to fall out of the socket and how to ensure they remain in place over the long haul.

This includes learning how to keep plugs from falling out of sockets.

To keep plugs from falling out of sockets, squeeze the two prongs slightly. This will narrow the gap between the prongs. Once the plug is inside, the prongs will not slip out because of that narrowed gap.

This is a simple fix that is only going to take a few seconds to complete and will ensure the plugs never fall out of the socket again.

If you are tired of dealing with plugs popping out of the socket, this is one fix you can implement instantly.

To learn more about what to do and how to keep plugs from falling out of sockets, this guide will break down each step to ensure it is easy for you to manage.

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Tips On How To Keep Plugs From Falling Out Of Sockets

1. Squeeze The Prongs Closer Together

When there is a loose plug in the socket, you will have to manipulate the plug for it to stay inside.

To do this, you are going to squeeze the prongs together.

This doesn’t mean they have to be touching each other. Instead, you just want them a few millimeters closer to each other than they were before.

The reason for doing this is to make sure that when the plug goes inside, it stays there. This is due to the prongs being set at a slight angle.

If the plug is not manipulated, it tends to slide in and out without friction.

By squeezing the prongs together, you have a much better chance of the plug remaining in place.

how to keep plugs from falling out of sockets

2. Press The Plug All The Way

If the wall plug keeps falling out, you have to understand the importance of pressing it in.

Some people will gently press the plug in and assume that is okay. Yes, it might work with a snug outlet, but that isn’t going to be the case when the plug is already loose.

Your goal has to be to press the plug in and make sure it is going all the way in.

You will know this when the prongs are completely inside and the base of the plug is pressing against the socket.

3. Hold The Plug For A Few Seconds

When plugs keep falling out of the outlet, you will need to move forward with a plan.

This not only includes squeezing the prongs together or pressing the plug in but also making sure you hold it there for a few seconds.

Sometimes, you have to let the prongs expand inside, which doesn’t happen if you quickly pull your hand away.

Hold the plug in that spot and press it in.

This will only take a few seconds and should make sure the plug doesn’t slip out.

how to keep plugs from falling out of sockets

4. Change The Faceplate

When learning how to fix a loose outlet plug, you might have to focus on the faceplate rather than the plug.

This is a serious concern if multiple plugs keep falling out.

If you have run a small test and realize this to be the case, it’s time to change the faceplate. What has happened is that the faceplate likely lost its shape and is now loose.

You will need to change the faceplate to make sure the plug fits again.

Until you do this, the plugs will continue to fall out. However, a temporary fix will be to squeeze the prongs together and hope they hold inside the outlet.

Final Thoughts

These steps are all you are going to need as you learn how to keep plugs from falling out of sockets.

To keep plugs from falling out of sockets, squeeze the prongs together and then plug them in. Additional solutions include pressing the plug completely inside the outlet and holding it for a few seconds. If nothing else works, change the outlet.

It is common for some outlets to age out.

This is when they stop working as required. If you change the outlet, the plugs will begin to stick inside as you want them to.

The best test you can run is to see if multiple plugs do the same thing when they are inside. If that is the case, you should change the outlet.

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