How To Keep Sherpa Blanket From Matting (Solved)

Sherpa blankets are exceptionally soft, warm, and comfortable.

However, they are also far more difficult to maintain than the average blanket. This ends up creating a situation where you have to be diligent with the maintenance routine to ensure the sherpa blanket stays cozy year-round.

To do this, you will need to learn how to keep sherpa blanket from matting.

To keep a sherpa blanket from matting, wash it using cold water in a washing machine. Set the machine to run on a “delicate” cycle and don’t dry the blanket in a dryer. Instead, air-dry it to get a good result.

If you are not careful when washing a sherpa blanket, it will begin matting right away.

The information that has been listed here is going to go a long way in helping maintain a sherpa blanket and ensure it does not start matting.

This guide will offer insight into how to keep sherpa blanket from matting and what to consider to wash it properly.

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Tips On How To Keep Sherpa Blanket From Matting

1. Only Wash With Cold Water

Before learning how to fix a matted sherpa blanket, it’s better to learn how to wash a sherpa blanket at home.

This is going to do a lot more for you and is going to preserve the integrity of the blanket moving forward.

A lot of mistakes are made in this regard and that is what causes the sherpa blanket to begin matting rapidly.

In general, you should not wash a sherpa blanket with warm water. This is going to intensify the matting and make it much harder to maintain the blanket moving forward.

Instead, you should be thinking about washing the sherpa blanket using cold water.

This will go a long way when it comes to rinsing the blanket and ensuring it is done as safely as possible. It will also ensure the material doesn’t fall apart later.

how to keep sherpa blanket from matting

2. Use “Delicate” Cycle In Washing Machine

When washing a sherpa blanket in the washing machine, you have to think about what setting you are going to do it on.

You should not use a normal cycle for your sherpa blanket.

Instead, use the delicate cycle with cold water. This is how you are going to know the sherpa blanket will wash easily and is going to maintain its quality.

If you use a rougher washing cycle, this might begin to tear up the sherpa blanket and ruin its appearance.

Just let the washing machine run a delicate cycle with the sherpa blanket inside. It’s also important to note that washing the sherpa blanket on its own is the way to go. You don’t want to add clothes, bedsheets, or any other item alongside the blanket.

Only wash the sherpa blanket to get the results you’re after.

3. Use Fragrance-Free Detergent

To avoid a matting sherpa blanket, you need to also buy the right detergent.

A lot of people use common options such as fragrance detergents because they smell good. While this might be okay for clothing, it’s not as smart to do this with a sherpa blanket.

The fragrance is going to take away from the cleaning process and might even lead to matting later.

how to keep sherpa blanket from matting

4. Don’t Put In Dryer

This is a common mistake.

You should not put a sherpa blanket in the dryer.

The reason is it is going to increase the chances of matting and it will also ruin the softness of the blanket. Drying it out rapidly is bad for the structure of the blanket and will ruin how it looks too.

This is why the best option is to set it out and let it air-dry.

For the most part, this will take care of the moisture and is also going to preserve how the sherpa blanket performs when put to use again.

How Do You Fix A Matted Sherpa Blanket?

To fix a matted sherpa blanket, wash the blanket using cold water, brush it in small sections, and pull the loose fibers out using the same brush. This will help get rid of the matted spots.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips on how to keep a sherpa blanket from matting.

To keep a sherpa blanket from matting, wash it using cold water. To do this, set the washing machine to “Delicate” and wash the blanket on its own. Once done, air-dry it rather than using the dryer.

This will make sure the fibers don’t mat and it works out the way you want it to.

If you wash the sherpa blanket regularly, the results will end up the way you want. This is key when you want to do things properly.

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