How To Make A Small Bathtub Comfortable (Step-By-Step)

A bathtub is supposed to be comfortable when you step inside.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case and you can end up sitting in a bathtub that’s simply not big enough.

In this situation, you will have to learn how to make a small bathtub comfortable.

To make a small bathtub comfortable, it’s recommended to use an inflatable tub pillow, set up a bathtub tray, and/or use an anti-slip mat to maintain grip. This will improve your experience in a cramped space.

A lot of people assume having a small bathtub is the end of the world.

It simply comes down to understanding what is in front of you and going from there. This includes taking the time to understand what works when trying to make a bathtub as comfortable as possible.

This article will look at what you require when finding out how to make a small bathtub comfortable.

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Options To Make A Small Bathtub Comfortable

1. Use Inflatable Tub Pillow

Using a bathtub pillow is a wonderful option.

This is going to work well because it’s inflatable and will settle in where you want to sit. This ensures the surface is not going to be hard on your back.

The reason a cramped space becomes difficult is due to how hard the surface is. You won’t want to feel wedged into a spot.

To avoid a situation such as this, you will want to use a bathtub pillow.

It will cushion the back and make it far more comfortable to stay in a smaller bathtub for long periods.

Just because a bathtub is too small does not mean you are going to be uncomfortable. Sometimes, the main issue has to do with the amount of pressure that’s put on your back at that angle.

Take the time to set up the new bathtub pillow and watch as it amplifies how you feel when you sit.

2. Set Up A Bathtub Tray

When you sit, it’s not easy to place items around you.

This becomes doubly hard when the bathtub is small.

Due to this, you will want to optimize the space and create more. How are you going to do this safely?

A bathtub tray that runs across the top of the bathtub is what you have to invest in. This is a simple way to get more space to work with and enjoy a long session in the smaller bathtub.

The bathtub tray is going to be a perfect fit for your needs.

It won’t get in the way and it’s going to make it a more comfortable experience too.

how to make a small bathtub comfortable

3. Use an Anti-Slip Mat For Bottom

It is smart to use an anti-slip mat for your bottom if you don’t wish to use an inflatable tub pillow.

This works well because it offers additional grip underneath your body.

Instead of slipping and sliding in a cramped space, you are going to be in place without moving. This goes a long way in ensuring you enjoy your time in the bathtub and it’s comfortable too.

Just find a good anti-slip mat that is a perfect fit for your specific bathtub.

Once it is set up, you are going to love how it feels underneath you.

how to make a small bathtub comfortable

Are Small Bathtubs Comfortable?

Small bathtubs are comfortable as long as you optimize them for bathing. This can be done by setting up an inflatable tub pillow, investing in an anti-slip mat, or installing a bathtub tray across the top.

These are simple solutions that are going to make sitting in the smaller tub a comfortable experience.

A small bathtub is not the end of the world.

A few adjustments and additions will ensure you feel good about your time in the tub.

Whether it is a bathtub footrest or a bathtub tray, it doesn’t matter as long as it amplifies your time in the tub.

Look at what works for you and start there.

Final Thoughts

These are the best options when learning how to make a small bathtub comfortable.

To make a small bathtub comfortable, it’s best to use an inflatable tub pillow, anti-slip mat, and/or a bathtub tray. These are simple additions that can amplify a person’s experience when sitting in a cramped space.

Just because a bathtub is too small doesn’t mean it’s impossible to use.

There are simple adjustments that can go a long way in a situation such as this. Take your time to focus on this and you will see great results.

This is what matters the most and will lead you to the results that matter.

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