How To Make Corian Look New Again (Step-By-Step!)

The Corian countertop can start to show its age after a while.

It often loses its natural sheen and aesthetic appeal. In situations such as these, it’s normal for homeowners to assume the countertop is now a lost cause and cannot be restored.

This is incorrect. Corian countertops can be refreshed. This starts by learning how to make Corian look new again.

To make a Corian countertop look new again, it’s best to scrub the surface, buff out scratches using an abrasive pad, and polish the countertop using a commercial-grade polish.

This is a simple way to ensure the Corian countertop looks brand-new again.

For those wanting to learn more on how to make a Corian countertop look good again, it’s time to start here. This guide will explain how to make Corian shine.

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Materials & Tools For Corian Countertop Polishing

It’s best to start by having the right tools and materials in hand for cleaning a Corian countertop at home.

These materials are going to include:

  • Gloves
  • Commercial-Grade Countertop Polish
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Abrasive Pad

These materials will ensure the process goes ahead smoothly. Look to invest in the best materials to ensure the Corian countertop doesn’t get scratched up or ruined along the way.

how to make Corian look new again

Steps On How To Make Corian Shine

1. Clean The Surface Using Cloth

The first step will be to clean the surface using a microfiber cloth.

The reason for doing this is simple. You are going to want to eliminate excess debris settled on the countertop whether it’s hairs, food, or anything else that is in the way. These messes need to be cleared up beforehand.

To do this, you are going to take a microfiber cloth and begin running it across the top of the Corian countertop.

If necessary, you can use an ammonia-based cleaner for the task. It depends on how dirty the Corian countertop is and what is needed to clean it.

If a simple microfiber cloth is enough then that is the direction you want to go in. Just take a bit of warm water and mix it with the soap. This will allow you to create a DIY cleaning mixture that is quite potent.

Pour it onto the countertop and begin wiping with the cloth. Be rigorous to make sure the surface is as clean as it needs to be.

2. Remove Scratches Using Abrasive Cleaning Pad

You will now look to remove the scratches on the Corian countertop at home.

These scratches do add up and need to be removed with care. It can be something as straightforward as running the knife across the surface, which leaves a fine scratch on the surface.

When this happens, you will need to smooth out the Corian countertop.

The best option available to you is going to be nothing more than an abrasive cleaning pad. Just run the abrasive cleaning pad across the surface to heal the fine scratches one by one. The pad will smooth out the surface quickly.

how to make Corian look new again

3. Rinse the Surface With Water

It is now time to rinse the Corian countertop with warm water.

When the abrasive cleaning pad has been used, it’s going to leave a bit of debris behind. This is going to be easy to clean but you should be using water for the task.

This will ensure you have a clean slate for the polish later on.

4. Let Surface Dry

It is important to let the surface dry as you learn how to make Corian look new again.

You will want to wait until it is dry to the touch. This should take a few hours and you can wipe the surface using a dry cloth if necessary.

Do not start using the polish on a Corian countertop until you are sure it is 100% dry.

how to make Corian look new again

5. Apply Polish

The last step is going to involve taking the commercial-grade polish for Corian countertops and applying it evenly.

To do this, you are going to use circular motions while applying the polish. It should be done evenly and from one end to the other.

Don’t overdo one side of the countertop as it might look out of order later on.

It’s also recommended to change the direction of the movement throughout the process. This is key as you go over the same spot again.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to follow on how to make Corian look new again.

This is the best way to make Corian countertops look good. To refresh a Corian countertop, it’s best to go through these steps one by one.

The difference will be noticeable whether it is the removal of scratches on the Corian countertop or the general polishing that is done later.

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