How To Make Windows Look Taller

When it’s time to dress up your windows and make them pop, you will have a few options up your sleeves. One of the requirements people tend to have involves the type of window they have in their room including its appearance. If you are someone that wants to learn how to make windows look taller, it is time to start with the basics.

The best way to make a window look taller is by using a different color paint around the border and/or using a wider frame to make the window stand out. This makes it visually seem bigger and more prominent.

When a window looks taller, it will often have this type of border around it, which leads to an aesthetic change in the room.

Key Factors Include:

  • Size of the Window
  • Type of Paint/Frame Used
  • Placement of the Window

As you figure out how to make windows look taller, you will realize it is all about the border of the window. This is where the eye is going to go and you will want it to stand out in height. The best way to do this is with paint.

If done right, the window is immediately going to seem bigger and it will appeal to you from all angles. This is a must when you are figuring out what works and what doesn’t!

This guide will teach you how to make windows look taller while emphasizing the benefits of a taller window in your room.

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Tips On How To Make Windows Look Taller

1. Paint a Border

You will have to understand the visual impact of a window as soon as someone walks into the room. If you use larger window coverings, it might start to hide how the windows look and that sometimes takes away from the room’s aesthetic appeal.

A lot of people do this when the windows are smaller, but you do have other options available to you.

The goal is to take a different color paint to what is on the wall already. You are going to take the paint and begin to frame the window with the paint.

The idea is to create a small border around the edges.

By doing this, the windows will start to look taller and that is how you are going to get them to “pop” in the room.

How To Make Windows Look Taller

2. Create a Thicker and Wider Frame

Just like the paint, you can also try creating a thicker window frame.

Most people are going to look at a window and see it as one unit. This means they are going to see the frame and the window as one piece when they walk in.

By creating a larger frame, you are going to have a larger window on your hands.

Adding a few inches to the frame will make the entire unit seem bigger from afar.

This is a neat trick that does work in most rooms.

It is important to make sure the frame is right in line with the window and does flow with the rest of the room.

How To Make Windows Look Taller

3. Hang the Rod Higher

This is a tip that does well when you don’t want to paint around the edges or create a separate window frame.

The idea is to take the rod and just move it up a foot or so.

By doing this, you are going to elevate the overall look of the window regardless of the type of curtain you are going with.

Hanging the rod higher by a few inches will go a long way in making it appear taller and more dominating.

This is a great way to change things up and increase the height of your window without making dramatic tweaks.

Just focus on this and you will see great results.

1. How Do You Make Curtains Look Taller In Windows?

The best way to make curtains look taller in windows is to move the rod higher on the wall. It should be a foot or so away from the ceiling to make the window seem bigger than it is.

2. What Color Curtains Make A Room Look Larger?

It’s recommended to use light color curtains to make a room look larger. These types of curtains provide an airy, bright appearance to the room that opens up visual space.

Final Thoughts

Focus on these tips when learning how to make windows look taller.

When it comes to making windows look larger, you can’t go wrong by moving the curtain rod up a bit or creating a border around the window using paint.

It is these subtle changes that go a long way as you begin to figure things out on your own. You will realize this is one of the best ways to see results.

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