7 Marie Kondo Inspired Ideas For Your Home

It’s challenging to be in a situation where you are looking at your home and attempting to organize it.

A lot of people struggle with this and don’t know how to approach it properly.

We know how challenging this can be and understand how the right mindset is going to matter over the long term. One option is to consider what Marie Kondo says about decluttering and keeping things tidy at home.

You are going to need to learn how to follow her principles. This is the only way to ensure things play out as you want them to.

Learn To Declutter Your Space

It’s important to start with decluttering.

It’s essential to realize some items are going to have to be removed from the home as soon as possible. These are only getting in the way and taking away from the room.

Most people assume this includes obvious things. An example would be tossing papers on the floor. Yes, you need to clean those things up but also items that are not being used in your home.

This is where you are going to have to come up with the right mindset.

Use Organizers

Are you taking advantage of organizers?

These are going to need to be implemented in all parts of the home. For example, you are going to want to look at getting a hanging organizer for your closet. You can set this organizer on the door and then use it to put items inside without tossing them into the closet or the room.

Another option would be a pantry organizer for your spices and ingredients. Take the time to organize various parts of the home as best as you can.

Create A Routine

Routines are good at home.

This includes a comprehensive cleaning routine based on your schedule. This includes how you are going to clean everything and make sure it works as required.

If you don’t have a routine, you are never going to be in the right mindset.

It’s essential to look into this and then figure out what Marie Kondo would do. She would make sure to have a checklist and a routine that is going to focus on tidying up your home.

Don’t Let Emotions Decide Your Decluttering

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make in their homes.

They are going to let their emotions dictate what is seen as clutter and what is not. This is not the right way to approach this decluttering process at home.

Instead, you have to be logical.

Do you need those items? Are they taking up too much space? Be ruthless as that is how you are going to keep the home clean and tidy.

Organize Everything

You have to take the time to organize as much as possible.

Some people are going to take a look at organizers and those are helpful as mentioned above. However, you are also going to want to take the time to focus on organizing the various themes in your home too.

This includes how your living room or bedroom is set up.

If there is no organized theme, it’s going to look all over the place.

Keep The Home Clean

You need to keep the home as clean as possible.

This is going to allow you to be in the right mindset throughout the year. Remember, this is not just about one day. It is about a lifetime and it is going to come with the right habits.

It’s the same as going for a workout. You are not going to get fit with one workout. It’s going to take continuous effort and that’s what Marie Kondo is all about.

You are going to have to take the time to look into this and make sure you are on top of things every step of the way.

Clean With A Purpose

Are you cleaning with a purpose?

This is one mistake people make because they don’t clean with a purpose. This means you are just cleaning to vacuum the room or just picking up clear clutter that’s right in front of you.

However, you also have to think about clutter based on furniture and/or other items that are not being used as much as you would assume they are. Get rid of those items and open up space in the room.

This is when you are going to be cleaning with a real purpose.