How To Natural Release Ninja Foodi (Step-By-Step!)

There are two types of pressure release options for the Ninja Foodi.

You are going to have the Ninja Foodi natural release vs pressure release. The pressure release simply uses the built-in setting using the PRESSURE RELEASE button.

On the other hand, it’s different for those wanting to learn how to natural release a Ninja Foodi.

To natural release a Ninja Foodi, you will have to set it aside for at least 20 minutes. This will allow the pressure to release on its own as the appliance settles down. Do not open the lid during this period and leave it untouched. Once the 20 minutes are up, use the quick release to get rid of the remaining pressure.

This is a simple process but it tends to take longer than the PRESSURE RELEASE option. It is up to you what works well for your recipe.

This article will point towards all of the steps involved in learning how to natural release a Ninja Foodi at home.

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Steps On How To Natural Release Ninja Foodi

1. Do Not Touch The Unit

The main issue users have involves touching the unit.

You will be eager to lift the lid and reveal what is inside. This might sound appropriate but it is risky and it is the last thing you want to do.

Instead, you will want to set aside the unit and let it simmer. What is going to happen is the pressure is going to naturally release itself as the appliance settles.

This is all you are going to have to do for the pressure to come out. After all, you are going with the “natural” method, so letting it do its job is a must.

You will know the pressure has been released when it stops making the whistling noise. This means there is not enough pressure inside the appliance any longer as it has already been released.

This is when you can move on to the next step and look at your options.

2. Let Pressure Release For 20 Minutes

When learning how to pressure cook in a Ninja Foodi, there is one question that will come up all the time.

How long does natural release take in a Ninja Foodi?

It will take at least 15-20 minutes for the pressure to release naturally in a Ninja Foodi. It will often depend on the recipe as to where you stand within this range. However, your goal should be to wait until the sound lessens and the pressure is released.

The more you wait, the better as the lid will keep the food warm.

Your goal is to let the pressure release on its own as that is the entire purpose of this method.

3. Use Quick Release for Remaining Pressure

Let’s assume you have waited 20 minutes and now it is time to open the lid.

Before doing this, you are going to want to use the quick release function to get rid of the remaining pressure. This is a simple step that is going to allow you to pull on the tab and get it to release the remaining pressure in a sudden burst.

It is simple and effective for any pressure that is still inside.

Do this after the time has passed and you are sure the Ninja Foodi is not making the whistling sound.

how to natural release ninja foodi

4. Remove The Lid

The last step is a simple one and that is going to be to remove the lid to reveal your cooked meal.

When doing this, you will want to ensure all of the pressure is out and that is why the quick release option is a must.

For the most part, the pressure is going to be gone and you will have the cooked meal to enjoy to your heart’s content.

Take your time to remove the food and pour it into a separate plate or bowl. Be patient and make sure you have unplugged the unit while doing so.

Final Thoughts

These are the main steps on how to natural release a Ninja Foodi.

When it is time to naturally release pressure in a Ninja Foodi, you will want to leave the unit untouched. Set it aside for at least 20 minutes to ensure the pressure releases from the appliance effectively. Once the time has passed, you are going to use the quick release tab to get rid of the remaining pressure inside the Ninja Foodi.

This is all you have to do to natural release pressure in a Ninja Foodi.

Set aside the time to do this as it is far different from using the PRESSURE RELEASE setting on the Ninja Foodi.

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