How To Protect Cabinets From Toaster Oven Heat

Toaster ovens provide exceptional value throughout the year when it comes to preparing meals. However, you are going to want to make sure the surrounding elements in your kitchen are kept safe from the rising heat. This includes your cabinets. By understanding how to protect cabinets from toaster oven heat, you are going to have a much better time of owning a toaster oven.

It is best to use a toaster oven shield that will protect the cabinets from rising heat. This will ensure the heat is redirected and doesn’t continue to damage the surrounding fixtures in your kitchen.

Another option is to simply invest in a cool touch toaster oven as it will not create this type of heat that spreads to your cabinets.

Key factors include:

  • Type of Toaster Oven
  • Type of Shield
  • Placement of the Appliance

As you learn how to protect cabinets from toaster oven heat, you will want to keep these factors in mind. There is no reason to have your toaster oven ruin the cabinets in your kitchen!

By taking the time to protect the cabinets using a toaster oven shield, you are going to be well on your way to ensuring it doesn’t ruin everything.

This guide will teach you more on how to protect cabinets from toaster oven heat along with which toaster oven is the best for kitchens that have a lot of cabinets.

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Tips On How To Protect Cabinets From Toaster Oven Heat

1. Use a Toaster Oven Shield

The most convenient option is to invest in a toaster oven shield.

This shield is going to wrap along the top and back of the toaster oven. By having this in place, you will know the appliance isn’t going to let off excessive rising heat to the point it ruins your cabinets!

It is best to invest in the right size so the shield provides complete coverage.

As you learn how to protect cabinets from toaster oven heat, you will want to try different types of solutions including some that don’t work. In general, it is best to go with a solution that is built around the idea of redirection and/or stopping the heat.

The only way to do this is with a complete toaster oven shield for your appliance. With this in place, your cabinets will not have to take the brunt of the rising heat ever again!

how to protect cabinets from toaster oven heat

2. Relocate the Toaster Oven

Another option when learning how to protect cabinets from toaster oven heat is to simply change the positioning of your toaster oven in the kitchen.

This means not putting it right under the cabinets as most people do.

Instead, you will want to find an open spot where the rising heat isn’t going to damage fixtures.

Placing the toaster oven in an open space is the best way to protect surrounding fixtures in the kitchen including your cabinets.

A lot of kitchens don’t have these types of spaces, but you should try to find one if possible.

This is a simple solution and isn’t going to take a lot of time to manage. You will also end up saving a lot of money along the way!

how to protect cabinets from toaster oven heat

3. Use a Cool Touch Toaster Oven

Let’s say you want to fix this problem for good.

The best option is to then invest in a cool touch toaster oven. This is a toaster oven that is going to have a cool exterior that doesn’t warm as soon as you turn on the appliance.

This means you are not going to be dealing with excessive rising heat that damages the cabinets.

Cool touch toaster ovens are specifically engineered to reel in rising heat making them ideal for smaller kitchens.

This modern technology is a great fit for homeowners.

It will work well and you are going to have the ability to place it wherever you deem best. This alone is a major plus point.

Related Questions

1. Can You Put A Toaster Oven Under A Cabinet?

It is not recommended to put a toaster oven under a cabinet unless it comes with a pre-designed mount that attaches to the cabinet. These types of toaster ovens do not produce damaging rising heat that will ruin the cabinets.

2. How Much Clearance Do You Need Above A Toaster Oven?

It is recommended to have at least 6″-8″ of clearance above a toaster oven for maximum safety and efficiency.

Final Thoughts

This is how to protect cabinets from toaster oven heat.

Rising heat can do a lot of damage, which is why it is best to invest in a good heat shield as soon as possible.

If not, you should also look to invest in a more purposeful solution such as a cool touch toaster oven.

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