How To Remove A Drawer With No Lever (Solved)

When it’s time to work on a drawer, you will have to understand the underlying mechanisms that make it open and close.

Until you do this, you are not going to get the drawer out as easily as you want to.

This is why learning how to remove a drawer with no lever starts by recognizing how the mechanism works.

To remove a drawer with no lever, locate the disconnect tabs. These tabs will be on both metal tracks near the back. Once found, press the tabs at the same time. Keep pressing as you pull the drawer out.

This is all you have to do to take out the drawer.

In some cases, a drawer might come off of the track on one side. When this occurs push the drawer back in, reset it on the metal track, and try again.

This is why it’s important to pull the drawer out in a straight line. If you don’t do this, the drawer isn’t going to come out as you want it to.

This article will take a look at how to remove a drawer with no lever and what to account for to avoid making mistakes.

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Steps To Remove Drawer With No Lever

1. Push The Drawer In To Reset It

Before you begin working on the drawer with no lever, it’s important to reset it.

This is going to be done by first checking if both sides are on the metal tracks. Sometimes, the wheel is going to come off and that will make it difficult for you to slide out the drawer when it’s time to complete the process.

This is why you should press the drawer in to reset it.

When you have reset the drawer, take a peek to make sure it is still on the track. This is important for you to complete the steps as you want.

how to remove a drawer with no lever

2. Press The Disconnecting Tabs On Both Metal Tracks

Now, you are going to look for the disconnecting tabs.

The disconnecting tabs are located at the back of the metal track. You are going to have to slide your hand inside to access these tabs.

Push your hand all the way towards the back and you will notice the tab pop out. You will have to find both of them to make sure the drawer comes out.

Be careful while doing this as it is easy to push the wheel off of the metal rack when you are looking for the disconnecting tab.

3. Slide The Drawer Out In A Straight Line

You are now going to slide the drawer out in a straight line.

While you are sliding the drawer out, remember that you have to keep your fingers pressed against both disconnecting tabs.

This is the only way to remove a drawer with no lever.

Continue pressing the tabs and gently slide the drawer out. It will start to come out slowly ensuring the results are in line with what you want.

If you notice the drawer is sliding towards one side, this means it is going to come off of the metal track soon.

Reset it by pushing the drawer back in and try again.

how to remove a drawer with no lever

4. Check The Metal Tracks

When the drawer has been taken out, you have to ensure the metal tracks are in good condition.

This is a common mistake people make.

The metal track can get damaged depending on how you remove the drawer. This is why your best option is to inspect the metal track and add a lubricant to make the drawer slide better when it is put back in.

Keep this in mind when it comes to ensuring the results are on par with what you require.

Just removing the drawer is not the only thing you should be doing. Make sure to maintain your fixture to ensure the drawer goes back in smoothly too.

Final Thoughts

This is all you are going to need as you learn how to remove a drawer with no lever.

If you want to remove a drawer with no lever, find the disconnect tabs located at the back of each metal track. Press and hold these disconnecting tabs while sliding the drawer out. This will ensure it comes out smoothly.

When you are removing a drawer with no lever, it is important to keep the wheels on the metal tracks.

This is the only way for the disconnecting tabs to work properly.

Otherwise, the drawer is not going to slide out and you will have to do it all over again.

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