How To Remove Delta Quick Click Towel Bar (Solved)

When a towel bar is installed, there are specific materials used to ensure it stays in place forever.

This is until you take the time to remove it.

In general, the same applies to a Delta quick click towel bar. You will need to figure out how to remove a Delta quick click towel bar safely.

To remove a Delta quick click towel bar, start by inspecting the adhesive holding it in place. Next, using an oscillating cutter to dig into the adhesive and separate it from the towel bar. When done, pull the loose towel bar away from the wall.

This should ensure the towel bar comes out as soon as you want it to.

A lot of people don’t go through this process and end up in a situation where the wall gets pulled with the towel bar.

This can cause significant damage and being careful is how you make sure this does not happen.

Here is more on how to remove a Delta quick click towel bar.

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Steps On How To Remove Delta Quick Click Towel Bar

1. Inspect The Adhesive On The Wall

You will want to begin by thinking about the adhesive used on the wall.

This is a common mistake people make because you are going to want to think about what works and what does not concerning the installation mechanism for the towel bar.

In general, there has to be something that will hold the towel bar to the wall.

In this case, you are going to be looking for an adhesive.

It will be noticeable when you look at the connecting point between the wall and the towel bar in front of you.

The goal during the inspection phase is to see where the towel bar is connected and how you are going to cut through it using a cutting tool.

2. Use Oscillating Cutting Tool To Dig Into The Adhesive

It is now time to take out the cutting tool you’re going to use to dig into the adhesive.

For the most part, you can use a wide array of tools as long as they can fit into the gap between the towel bar and the drywall.

However, if you are looking for the most optimal solution then it is time to focus on using an oscillating cutting tool.

This is the best solution available to you because it will be easy to use around the edges and will ensure it cuts through the adhesive instantly.

3. Pull On The Towel Bar

You will want to wait until the towel bar is loose.

As you cut through the adhesive, you are going to notice it loosen. This is due to the amount of pressure that is being applied by the oscillating cutting tool and how it is digging through.

As you begin to work on it, you will appreciate the results that come from the cutting tool.

This is important and it is something you are going to enjoy about the towel bar.

Pull on the towel bar carefully and it will come loose as soon as you want it to.

4. Inspect The Wall For Marks

You will want to go through and take a look at the drywall to see if it has been damaged.

For the most part, the oscillating cutting tool will have done a good job of cutting through the adhesive without ruining anything.

This is important as you are not going to want to ruin the drywall and leave it with a big hole where the towel bar had been set up.

Taking the time to inspect the wall for marks is the way to go.

It will keep things simple and you are going to get the results you have set out to get. This is what matters the most when it comes to enjoying good results.

Final Thoughts

This is all you need to know as you learn how to remove a Delta quick click towel bar.

To remove a Delta quick click towel bar, it’s best to start by assessing the adhesive between the drywall and the bar. Next, use an oscillating cutting tool to dig into the adhesive and cut through it. Once done, the towel bar will now loosen and can be pulled away from the drywall.

When you are pulling on the towel bar, you will want to be gentle.

This is the only way to make sure nothing snags between the towel bar and the wall. As a result, you will not damage the drywall during this pulling movement.

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