How To Remove Drawers From Executive Desk (Solved)

Executive desks have a presence offering a unique, sophisticated look that’s easy on the eyes.

However, they are also renowned for being difficult to put together and take apart. This is due to the intricacies of the design and how robust the elements are.

You will need to learn how to remove drawers from the executive desk the right way. Otherwise, the drawers are going to get damaged or you will ruin other elements of the executive desk.

To remove drawers from an executive desk, start by finding the lever at the front of the metal track. To do this, pull the drawer out, and push down on the lever. This will allow the drawer to slide out of the executive desk.

When you are doing this, it’s important to remain patient. You don’t want to damage the metal track as the drawer will have to go back onto it for the executive desk to work properly.

This article will highlight the steps you have to follow when learning how to remove drawers from an executive desk.

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Steps To Remove Drawers From Executive Desk

1. Pull The Drawer Out Completely

The first step is to pull the drawer out.

You will want to have complete access to the metal track that is running on the side of the drawer. This is the only way to take out the drawer, so having access to it is important.

You are now going to attempt to find the lever that is sitting on the front of the metal track.

If you feel the drawer is not on the metal track, it’s best to push it back in to reset the drawer. This will take a few tries, but you have to ensure the drawer is sitting on the metal track or it won’t slide out even if you push down on the lever.

how to remove drawers from executive desk

2. Find The Lever On The Metal Track

The lever is going to stick out and it is going to be located at the front of the metal track.

You will notice this when you pull the drawer out. It will be located right near the front and is going to allow you to push down on it.

The reason for the lever is to make sure the drawer comes out easily when you activate the lever.

Until then, the drawer is going to remain locked in place and will not fall out.

It is a safety mechanism that is put in place to ensure the drawer remains where it is supposed to.

3. Push Down On The Lever

When you have found the lever, it’s time to push down on it.

The reason you are going to push down on it is to ensure the wheel slides out. This is how you are going to get the executive desk drawer to come out of the metal track.

Be patient while doing this and make sure you are still holding onto the lever while pulling out.

If you let go of the metal lever and don’t press down on it, the drawer is going to lock up. This is a safety mechanism to ensure the drawer doesn’t fall.

how to remove drawers from executive desk

4. Slide The Drawer Out

The final step is to slide the drawer out in a straight line.

You must pull out in a straight line so the drawer does not come off of the metal track at any point.

If it does come off the metal track, you will need to close the drawer and try again.

This is why you have to be thorough and patient when pushing down on the lever. It is not going to be easy to take out the drawer.

Please note that you should have the drawer emptied before attempting this. It will make it a lot easier to avoid having too much weight on one end of the drawer causing misalignment.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps you need to consider when learning how to remove drawers from an executive desk.

To remove drawers from an executive desk, locate the lever by pulling the drawer out. This lever will be at the front of the metal track on the side. Press down on the lever and gently slide the drawer out.

This is all you have to do to take a drawer out of an executive desk without harming anything including the metal track.

Before attempting to do this, empty the drawer to ensure there is no weight inside. It will make the process ten times easier for you and ensure the drawer doesn’t get damaged.

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