How To Remove Posts From 4 Poster Bed (Solved)

When handling a four-poster bed, you are going to enjoy how it’s set up and the overall stylistic value it offers.

While this is a fascinating bed type, it is also important to understand how to take it apart when making adjustments or moving it. Otherwise, you are going to be trapped with a four-poster bed that is hard to take out of the room!

Due to this, you will want to learn how to remove posts from a 4 poster bed safely.

To remove posts from a four-poster bed, hold the post near the base, turn it counterclockwise, and pull upwards. This will loosen and remove the post from the bed’s base.

When you are putting the post back in, do the exact opposite.

The one mistake people make is to yank the post out before unscrewing it. This can damage the base and also the post. It needs to be methodically unscrewed out of the base for it to be usable again.

Remember, you will still need the hole for either this post or a replacement post. If you damage where the post was, it will become a major hassle to fix and a much longer repair job.

This guide will go through each step when it comes to finding out how to remove posts from 4 poster beds.

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Steps On How To Remove Posts From 4 Poster Bed

1. Grab Post Near The Base

When removing a post from a four-poster bed, you need to begin with a strong grip.

The most common mistake people make when removing a post is to hold it near the top. This might seem like a good idea as it is at a height that’s easier for you, but it will damage the hole.

You need to grab the post right where it attaches to the base.

One hand should go on the base, while the other one grips onto the post.

From this position, you are going to have enough leverage to turn the post and remove it from the four-poster bed.

how to remove posts from 4 poster bed

2. Turn Counterclockwise

When your hands are in place, you want to begin turning the post counterclockwise.

This will help loosen the post and make it easier to take out of the four-poster bed’s hole. When doing this, you need to be patient and continue to turn the post until it is fully loosened.

A lot of people pull too early and that damages the hole.

3. Pull Upwards Once It’s Loose

When you are sure it is loose enough to pull, you are going to want to pull straight up.

Don’t pull at an angle as this is going to ruin both the post and the hole. By pulling straight up, you are going to make sure nothing gets damaged.

How do you know when it is the right time to pull out the post from a four-poster bed?

You will know once it starts leaning to one side or the other. This means it is loose enough to pull out.

Your goal at this point is to pull straight up and make sure it comes out as intended.

how to remove posts from 4 poster bed

4. Remove Debris From The Hole

You have to take the time to remove debris from the hole.

This is a mistake people make and it can do more harm than good. You never want a situation where there is debris left inside the hole before putting in the replacement post.

The reason is that you are not going to get enough of a grip to turn the post back into place.

This will make it looser and that is the last thing you want with a four-poster bed.

The best approach is to take a dry cloth and wipe the inside of the hole as carefully as possible. This will lead to the type of results you’re after.

Final Thoughts

This is all you are going to need as you learn how to remove posts from a 4 poster bed.

When learning how to remove posts from a 4 poster bed, you want to start by holding the post near the base. Now, begin turning the post counterclockwise to loosen it. Once the post is leaning to one side, pull it straight up to take it out.

This is all you are going to have to do to take out the post from a four-poster bed.

Whether it’s to clean the post, repair it, or replace it, this is the best approach to take out a post from a four-poster bed at home.

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