How To Secure Leaning Mirror On Dresser (Solved)

Placing a leaning mirror on top of a dresser is a wonderful idea.

It’s a unique stylistic addition that is easy on the eyes, efficient, and will add a bit of “pop” to the space.

However, you still need to know how to install it the right way. This includes learning how to secure a leaning mirror on a dresser.

To secure a leaning mirror on a dresser, start by marking an anchor point on the wall, drilling a hole into the wall, and then hanging the top half of the mirror to secure it. This will ensure the leaning mirror does not budge.

It’s common to assume the leaning mirror will not move as long as you put an anti-slip pad underneath it.

Yes, this might be true but it is not the safest way to secure a leaning mirror on top of a dresser. It might still fall and that is a risk you don’t want to take.

To avoid this, you will want to learn how to secure a leaning mirror on a dresser the right way. This guide will show you a few steps on what to do and what to use.

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Tips On How To Secure Leaning Mirror On Mantle

1. Mark An Anchor Point On The Wall

To install a leaning mirror on a dresser, you will want to start with the anchor point.

This is the point where the leaning mirror is going to touch the wall.

In general, your goal here is to make sure the anchor point will hold the leaning mirror from the top and is not going to let it slip forward.

To do this the right way, you will want to place the leaning mirror on top of the dresser and see where that contact point is.

Once you know where it is, mark it on the wall using a pencil.

This is where you are going to drill a hole to lock the anchor point.

how to secure leaning mirror on dresser

2. Drill A Hole Into The Wall

Set the leaning mirror aside and focus on the mark you have created on the wall.

You are going to use this as a guide.

You will take a drill and make a hole in the wall. This is where the hook is going to go for the leaning mirror to be set on.

You can use either a plastic or metal anchor depending on what is available. Both are effective as long as they are set in the right place.

3. Set Leaning Mirror On The Anchor

Now, you are going to bring the leaning mirror back and place it on top of the anchor.

This is going to lock the leaning mirror in place.

Remember, you don’t want to have a situation where the leaning mirror is hanging off of the dresser. This is not going to create that desired leaning effect you are going for.

It always has to make contact with the dresser.

This is why marking the anchor point is a must.

Once done, you are going to set the leaning mirror in place and ensure it does not budge.

how to secure leaning mirror on dresser

4. Place Anti-Slip Pad Under The Leaning Mirror

You will always want to place an anti-slip pad under the leaning mirror.

Why is this important?

It is not always going to be about safety. You might just want to protect the dresser’s surface so it does not get marked up.

However, it also helps ensure you have peace of mind when placing a leaning mirror on top of a dresser. With the anti-slip pad, it is not going to slide.

This is useful for those who are thinking about making it a consistent part of their bedroom. You will want to account for those moments when things get a bit slippery or you push against the dresser.

With the anti-slip pad in place, you won’t have to fret about this too much.

Final Thoughts

These are the best steps on how to secure a leaning mirror on a dresser.

To secure a leaning mirror on a dresser, create an anchor point on the wall by marking the connecting point between the mirror and wall. Next, drill a hole into the wall where the mark is, place an anchor, and hook the mirror into place.

This will ensure the leaning effect is created without harming the mirror or the dresser.

Take your time during the initial marking phase. This will allow you to ensure the leaning mirror tilts the right way and also is set at the right height.

It is these details that make all the difference in the world as you look to generate the type of results you’re hoping for.

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