How To Secure Leaning Mirror On Mantle (Solved)

When dealing with a leaning mirror on a mantle, it’s essential to understand your options and make sure it does not tip over.

If positioned the wrong way, it’s easy for a leaning mirror on a mantle to fall. This can cause damage not only to the mirror but to surrounding elements too.

Keeping this in mind, it’s time to learn how to secure a leaning mirror on the mantle.

To secure a leaning mirror on the mantle, drill a hole into the wall, insert a metal or plastic anchor, and use this to secure the top half of the mirror. This helps create the “leaning” effect without compromising the mirror’s safety.

It’s important to use what is best for the type of wall on top of the mantle.

You might have drywall while someone else could have a brick wall. This will make it essential to choose the right anchor that will remain stable when holding the leaning mirror in place.

This guide will highlight how to secure a leaning mirror on the mantle.

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Tips On How To Secure Leaning Mirror On Mantle

1. Place Leaning Mirror On The Mantle

To put a leaning mirror on a mantle, it’s important to place it on top first.

Do not attempt to freestyle this portion of the process as it will lead to the improper placement of the mirror.

You should always place the mirror in a manner that’s balanced, safe, and is going to remain secure for a long time to come.

To do this, you are going to take the leaning mirror and place it where it will go when everything is done. This will let you see everything the way it needs to be before marking spots on the wall for where you are going to drill.

how to secure leaning mirror on mantle

2. Mark The “Anchor Point” For The Top Of The Mirror

The goal now is to create an anchor point.

What is an anchor point when installing a leaning mirror over a mantle?

It is the point where the leaning mirror is going to lock onto the wall that it is leaning against. Remember, the leaning effect is just that. It is an effect and it will create the illusion the leaning mirror is simply sitting on top of the mantle.

However, what you are going to do is use an anchor point that will hold the top half of the leaning mirror (i.e. the contact point) against the wall.

Mark where you will need to drill for the anchor point.

3. Drill A Hole Into The Wall

When you have everything marked, you can put the leaning mirror aside.

It is now time to start working on creating the anchor.

You will do this by drilling a hole and having a hook that is going to be set in the wall. This is similar to putting up a picture frame around the house.

You can use a plastic or metal anchor to complete the process.

The drilling has to be done precisely. You do not want to be off by a little bit as that is going to take away from how the leaning mirror looks on a mantle.

how to secure leaning mirror on mantle

4. Use A Plastic Or Metal Anchor To Secure The Mirror

The last step is to place the plastic or metal anchor and lock the leaning mirror into place.

When done right, the leaning mirror is not going to budge left or right. It will also not slide forward once it is set on top of the mantle.

If you are still worried about it slipping, you can use an anti-slip mat that sits right under the mirror.

This will ensure it has added grip and is not going to give out at the first sign of trouble.

Final Thoughts

These are the main tips on how to secure a leaning mirror on a mantle.

To secure a leaning mirror on a mantle, start by placing it on the mantle. Mark the contact point between the wall and the mirror. Now, drill a hole into that point, use a plastic/metal anchor, and hook the mirror into place so it does not slide.

Remember, this is all about ensuring the leaning mirror does not topple over or slip forward.

The anchor is going to ensure that is the case and the leaning mirror looks the way it should once you set it up.

It might take a bit of time to set and you will have to adjust your mark from time to time. It simply comes down to getting things right and you can do that as long as you are using the right type of anchor to hold the leaning mirror.

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