Guide On How to Sell Oriental Rugs (Step-By-Step!)

Selling oriental rugs is all about understanding what works and what does not.

It’s essential to have a plan and recognize the value of your oriental rug on the open market. To the surprise of many sellers, oriental rugs do hold a lot of value.

When learning how to sell oriental rugs, it’s best to know what is the safest way to see results.

To sell an oriental rug, take 2-3 high-quality images and put the rug up for sale on Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, and other similar platforms. It’s also recommended to reach out to local rug stores as they are often willing to take on well-kept oriental rugs due to their intrinsic value.

Make sure to compare each way of selling oriental rugs to see what is ideal for your needs. Don’t rush to go down one path as that is how you will end up selling the oriental rug for cheap.

Here is a breakdown of what to think about as you learn how to sell oriental rugs.

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Steps On How To Sell Oriental Rugs

1. Take High-Quality Images

Before doing anything else, you will begin by taking high-quality photos.

The goal is to take photos that are visually appealing and show the aesthetic appeal of an oriental rug. These are high-value pieces, so taking visually aesthetic images is the least you have to do during the selling process.

When looking to sell an oriental rug, you have to start with the basics. These images are going to go a long way in getting buyers interested.

how to sell oriental rugs

2. Create Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji Listings

You will now take those images and create a listing on Facebook Marketplace and/or Kijiji.

Look to get out in front of these marketplaces because they have large audiences that are on the lookout for good deals.

If you have a quality oriental rug, there will be interested buyers scouring the market in a bid to find something useful.

Make sure the listing is descriptive, shows the oriental rug from all angles, and comes in at a reasonable price. Always be willing to negotiate as you might get a buyer that is close to buying and just wants a few dollars off of the listed price.

Be willing to listen and see what is available to you as the oriental rug seller.

3. Reach Out To Local Rug Store

When learning how to sell oriental rugs online, you will often forget about offline options such as local rug stores.

There are rug and furniture stores that appreciate the value of a good oriental rug. This means you could get a good deal if you want one.

The rug store will get to inspect the oriental rug and see whether or not it is a good one to invest in for their location. If it is, they will make a fair cash deal that allows you to move forward as you want to.

how to sell oriental rugs

4. Compare Offers

Look to compare offers when selling oriental rugs.

The goal is to see what is available through all of the viable platforms in front of you. This includes Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, and of course local rug stores.

Try to spread the word about your oriental rug and see who is interested in buying it. You will be surprised as to how many oriental rug buyers are nearby.

Are Oriental Rugs Worth Anything?

Oriental rugs are worth a lot and tend to appreciate over time. This makes them great investment pieces as they do retain their value due to how they are produced. In the right marketplace, you can get more than you put in originally.

This is why it’s highly recommended to look through all available selling options to see which one produces the best deal.

How Can You Tell Quality of Oriental Rug?

To tell the quality of an oriental rug, it’s important to assess its structural integrity. This includes the fibers, seams, and overall color. It should be rich, striking, and resolute for the oriental rug to hold its value.

It is this rugged appeal that makes oriental rugs high in value.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps to follow when figuring out how to sell oriental rugs from home.

If you wish to sell an oriental rug, it’s best to take 2-3 images of the piece and then list it on Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, and other similar platforms. The goal is to put it out in front of the target audience. This includes buyers such as local rug or furniture stores that might want to add an oriental rug to their collection.

Always exhaust all of your options when in search of a fair deal.

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