How To Shorten A Sectional Couch (Simple)

Is the sectional couch too big to fit in the room?

This is a legitimate concern for those who have smaller rooms. You will want to find a way to help reduce the size of your sectional couch.

This includes learning how to shorten a sectional couch.

To shorten a sectional couch, start by taking the sectional apart. These are specifically designed to come apart. To do this, remove the cushions, find the square corner, lift it, and rearrange the sections. Leave the connector to mix and match how the sections are linked.

This is a simple process and that’s the beauty of owning a sectional couch.

You can easily rearrange a sectional couch without needing additional assistance or cutting tools. Unlike other couches, this one is modular.

Here is a breakdown of how to shorten a sectional couch along with what to consider as you are doing this.

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Steps On How To Shorten A Sectional Couch

1. Remove The Cushions

If a sectional is too big for the room, it’s time to shorten it.

You are going to shorten a sectional couch by removing the cushions. This is the first step in the process.

Remove all of the cushions and put them to the side. You don’t want to tear them during the shortening.

It’s also important to make sure the couch does not tear when you are shortening it. This includes what’s underneath the cushions.

Take your time during this step as that will help preserve the structural integrity of the sectional couch.

how to shorten a sectional couch

2. Find The Square Corner

Now, you are going to look for the square corner.

There is going to be a square corner where the sectional attaches. This is going to be hooked with a connecting element.

You will notice this where the sectional turns.

The goal is to make sure you find this square corner and create enough space to lift it. This includes making sure it’s not pressed against the wall or in a spot where you can’t push your hand underneath the piece.

Once again, be diligent when it comes to finding the square corner of a sectional couch.

3. Lift The Corner To Detach It

Now, you are going to lift the square corner.

When you do this, you are going to notice the other piece remains in place. This is a good sign and it means the connecting element has come undone.

This is what you need when it’s time to take apart the sectional couch at home.

As you lift the square corner, it will help you unlock the piece. Do this gently and make sure you lift straight up.

You don’t want to lift to the side as this can not only damage the sectional couch but also the connecting element that is holding the pieces together.

With a modular sectional couch, this should be easy to do. Manufacturers tend to make the process as simple as it needs to be.

how to shorten a sectional couch

4. Rearrange The Sections

You are now going to begin rearranging the sections.

This is the beauty of the modular design.

The sectional couch is going to break into pieces that you can move around in the room. Some sectional couches will break into two pieces while others are going to have up to six separate pieces.

This is even better when it comes to doing things the right way and producing results that will work out as you want them to.

Be thorough and look for all of the connectors.

5. Leave The Connector

You are going to want to leave the connectors in place even if they are sticking out. Most are going to be subtle enough to not stand out.

The reason for doing this is to make sure you don’t ruin how modular the sectional couch is.

Perhaps, you will want or need to hook the sections back together. When this occurs, those connectors will be important.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips on how to shorten a sectional couch at home.

To shorten a sectional couch, start by removing the cushions. Now, find the square corner, lift it, and detach the section from the rest of the couch. Do this for all of the other pieces too. Now, rearrange the sections based on how you want them to be.

This is all you are going to have to do.

Some sectional couches are easy meaning you can have the sections separated within minutes.

It is that simple.

Just take your time to go through and work your way towards taking apart the sections one by one.

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