How To Shorten Chandelier Rod (And What To Use!)

Let’s assume you have set up a chandelier at home but feel it is too low. This can happen when new furniture is brought into the room or the chandelier begins to show its age. The beauty of this situation is, you can make changes! It starts by learning how to shorten chandelier rod at home.

To shorten a chandelier rod, you will want to begin removing the links one by one. It is the links that determine how low a chandelier is to the ground. By removing the links, the chandelier will lock into a higher position.

It’s important to do this carefully to make sure the chandelier is still locked correctly. Otherwise, you may have a real accident on your hands!

Key factors:

  • Current Height of the Chandelier
  • Number of Links
  • Process to Remove the Links

As you learn how to shorten chandelier rod, you will want to account for where the chandelier is positioned. This can dictate how high you want the chandelier rod to be and where the links are going to be removed from.

Take your time analyzing everything to ensure things are managed the right way.

A lot of mistakes can be made in this regard and that is why chandeliers end up falling to the floor after a few days!

This guide on how to shorten chandelier rod will showcase what to do during the process and what to use for good results.

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Tips On How To Shorten Chandelier Rod

1. Use Pliers to Remove Links

You are going to need high-grade pliers for this task.

The pliers will have to go through the links and yank them out. If you are not careful during this step, it might become difficult to remove the links one by one.

Take your time and make sure you are anchored to a strong position when on the ladder or where you are standing. This will ensure you don’t topple over and can keep the chandelier in a safe position.

When removing the links make sure the rod is intact and doesn’t move.

This will ensure the chandelier doesn’t swing when you are doing this and doesn’t end up falling. When done right, the chandelier is going to stay in place even as you remove the links.

How To Shorten Chandelier Rod

2. Remove 1-2 Links at a Time

How many links should you remove when shortening a chandelier?

This is one of the most important questions you are going to have with the plier in hand. The best course of action is to remove 1-2 links at a time and then see how short the chandelier is.

This will shed light on where changes need to be made.

Removing a few links can make a real difference in the height of a chandelier once it is set up.

The best approach is to measure the height of each link along with the current height of the chandelier itself.

This will allow you to measure how many links have to be removed before getting started on the task itself.

How To Shorten Chandelier Rod

3. Secure the Chandelier

When learning how to shorten chandelier rod, you will want to focus on securing the chandelier during the process.

This is a common mistake that is made and it can lead to unwanted issues later on.

The goal is to ensure the rod is securely in place and only the links are being removed. You will want to have a way to keep the chandelier in place as you begin to work on the links.

Removing links can weaken the chandelier, which is why it’s important to secure it in place and test with a little tug.

When done right, the rod isn’t going to move and the links can be removed easily.

This is a critical step especially if the ceiling is higher up.

Related Questions

1. How Low Should My Chandelier Hang?

It is recommended for a chandelier to hang at least six feet from the ground and at least 3 feet from the highest piece of furniture (i.e. sofa, table).

2. How Do You Temporarily Raise A Chandelier?

To temporarily raise a chandelier, just take the hook from the chandelier and move it up a few links. This will look odd at first but will get the job done in pushing the chandelier closer to the ceiling.

Final Thoughts

These are the most important tips on how to shorten chandelier rod.

If you want to make sure the chandelier is set at the right height, look for a more permanent solution, which includes removing the links one by one.

Just moving the hook up won’t be good enough and will look bad.

Make the proper change and use pliers to get the job done.

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