How To Stir Old Paint (Step-By-Step)

Old paint tends to lose its consistency after a few years.

If you want to use old paint, it cannot be taken out of the can and applied to a surface. Instead, you are going to have to prepare beforehand.

This includes learning how to stir old paint so it’s reusable.

To stir old paint, start by using a drill with a mixing attachment or a hand mixer for paint. Stir the paint for at least 5-10 minutes. Once done, place a sock over the can, turn it upside down, and pour the paint into the sock to filter the lumps. This will help collect the lumps as you empty the remaining paint into a separate bucket.

You will have to go through these steps to take out the solid lumps in old paint. Otherwise, the paint is not going to be usable.

Please note that old paint can get to a state where it’s unusable. This occurs when 50% of the paint is solidified.

This article is going to take a look at how to stir old paint at home without making a mistake.

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Steps To Stir Old Paint

1. Stir For 10 Minutes Using A Drill Or A Hand Mixer

When learning how to stir paint with a drill, you want to set it up the right way.

If you are using a traditional drill, you will need to get the extended mixing attachment. This will connect to the drill and allow you to stir the old paint.

If you don’t want to use a drill, you will need to get a hand mixer.

The mixer is going to stir the old paint and make sure it’s ready for use.

Be patient while doing this and make sure to at least stir for 5-10 minutes. Most people will need to go for the entire 10 minutes due to how old the paint is.

how to stir old paint

2. Place Sock Around The Top Of The Paint Can

As you learn how to restore old paint, you will need to focus on removing the lumps from old paint too.

This is going to be done by placing a sock around the top of the can. This sock shouldn’t just sit on top of the can. It needs to go around the entire top.

When you do this, you are going to want to focus on wrapping the sock around the paint can properly. It shouldn’t slip off when it’s time to turn the paint can over.

This will create a mess and ruin the process too.

If necessary, you can use an elastic band to hold the sock in place.

3. Turn The Paint Can Over

When you are happy with how secure the sock is, it’s time to look at turning the paint can over.

The goal is to make sure you have another clean bucket underneath to collect the paint that’s going to pour through the sock.

This is the old paint you can then apply on any surface without hesitation.

While the solidified paint is going to remain inside the sock as required. This acts as a simple homemade filter for the old paint.

Be thorough while doing this and get all of the paint out.

how to stir old paint

4. Dispose Of The Lumps Collecting In The Sock

When the lumps collect in the sock, you are going to want to separate it from the paint can.

When you are emptying the paint can into the sock, you must make sure all of the lumps come out. The only thing that should remain in the new bucket is consistent paint.

If not, you will also want to scoop out anything that feels lumpy in the new bucket. Otherwise, this will ruin the paint and how it’s applied on the surface.

Be thorough while taking care of this step as you don’t want to spoil anything when it’s time to use the paint.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps you need to focus on when learning how to stir old paint.

To stir old paint, start by setting up a drill with a mixing attachment or a hand mixer for paint. Mix the old paint for approximately 5-10 minutes. Once done, tightly wrap a sock around the top of the can. Now, set up a new bucket, turn the old paint can upside down, and empty everything into the sock with the bucket underneath.

This will help separate the lumps from the rest of the old paint.

Don’t rush this part of the process as that is key when making sure things are done the right way.

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