How To Tell If Washing Machine Motor Is Bad (Explained)

When the washing machine stops working at 100%, you are going to be concerned about its overall performance.

This can lead to the clothes not washing as required or the machine taking too long to rinse everything.

As a result, you will want to go into troubleshooting mode to pinpoint the underlying issue. This includes figuring out how to tell if the washing machine motor is bad.

To find out how to tell if the washing machine motor is bad, the most common signs include a burning odor, loud noises, or a washing machine drum that does not move during the wash cycle.

If you are starting to notice one or more of these symptoms then it is likely time to figure out what’s wrong with the motor or its electrical components.

In older washers, it’s common for this part to go out.

You will want to be on top of this to make sure other parts don’t get affected as you aim to run the washer with a damaged motor.

This article will shed more light on what you should look for as you learn how to tell if the washing machine motor is bad.

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Steps On How To Tell If Washing Machine Motor Is Bad

1. Inspect For Loud Noises

The first thing you are going to look out for will be noise.

Is there noise coming from the washing machine?

This could be a banging noise or something that sounds like a hum. Each situation varies depending on how badly the motor has been affected.

Your goal is to not only hear the sound but also make sure you are aware of where it’s coming from.

If it is coming from the drum then it might not be the motor. It might just be a loose washing machine drum. However, if it comes from closer to the back of the washing machine then it is likely the motor.

Look out for this type of sound when the washing machine is on.

2. Check For A Burning Smell

People will often report a burning odor coming from a washing machine when the motor goes out.

This odor comes from the washing machine.

You will want to figure out what the smell is and how to get on top of it before things spiral out of control. This is a clear warning sign the motor is going to get worse with time and you will want to repair it as soon as you can.

3. Inspect The Drum’s Movement

Have you taken the time to look at the washing machine drum?

A clear-cut example of a bad motor in a washer is when the drum doesn’t move properly. This might even be a case where the washing machine drum doesn’t move at all.

If a washing machine motor is not working, the drum isn’t going to move either.

This is due to the power coming from the motor. If there is nothing to power the agitator and the drum, these parts will not move.

A washing machine motor that is not turning will often have this symptom.

4. Check For Drops In Performance

An early warning sign of a malfunctioning washing machine motor is when there are drops in performance.

Most people assume the problem is going to be sudden and it’s going to be noticeable. However, it does not always have to be like this.

During the earlier stages, the washing machine motor is going to lose a bit of power and it is going to start fading in and out. This is when the drops in performance will come as you are going through a wash cycle.

You might notice the washing machine start and stop.

This is a sign there is something wrong with the washer’s motor.

Final Thoughts

These are important steps on how to tell if the washing machine motor is bad.

To find out how to tell if the washing machine motor is bad, it’s best to start by looking out for a burning odor. Next, inspect for a washing machine drum that doesn’t move or sudden drops in performance during a wash cycle.

These are clear signs there is something wrong with the motor and you will want to check it out as soon as you can.

Do not rush the process and make sure you are on top of things when it comes to how the washing machine motor is managed.

Look for where the noise is coming from and then inspect the motor in great detail. This includes unplugging the washing machine and then opening up the motor to see what is going on.

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