How To Turn Off Power To House from Outside (Step-By-Step)

The main power supply has to be something you know how to locate. It is going to be an integral part of the electrical circuit and ensuring you are aware of its location is a must. It can help save your property from potential damage in the future.

Keeping this in mind, you might encounter a situation where you have to take matters into your own hands and learn how to turn off power to the house from outside.

To turn off power to the house from outside, find the main breaker outside the house, and toggle the switch or lever to the “Off” position. This will shut down the power to the property instantly.

It is important to be aware of the location of the main breaker box at all times. It can make it easier to turn off the power supply when you need to.

Please note that it is also important to only do this when it is safe. If there is a situation where the electrical circuit is compromised, it is likely best to call a certified electrician to take a look at what’s going on.

They will know how to cut the power to the property and do it from the outside.

This guide is going to highlight how to turn off power to the house from outside and what tips to consider during the process.

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Steps On How To Turn Off Power To House from Outside

1. Locate The Main Breaker Box

The first thing you are going to do is locate the main breaker box.

How are you going to find it?

Look at the wires that are running to the property. It’s common for power lines to run to the property and they will lead directly to the main breaker box.

For new homes, it tends to be situated along the side of the property. Older homes might have it on a pole somewhere close to the house but it can also be located on the property itself.

Just follow the power lines and you will find it in a few seconds.

how to turn off power to house from outside

2. Find The Switch Or Lever

To turn off the power from the outside of a house, you will have to inspect the main breaker box in detail.

What are you looking for?

You are going to be hoping to find a switch or lever. Most older houses will have a lever and it tends to be the color red.

This is to help distinguish it from other levers. Just turn it to the off position and you will be good to go.

The same goes for a switch that is on the main breaker box. It will be marked and that is what you are going to have to toggle when you are ready.

3. Toggle To The Off Position

As mentioned, you are going to want to toggle it to the off position.

Main breaker boxes tend to keep it simple when it comes to turning off the power. It will be clearly labeled.

Find the lever or switch and turn off the power.

how to turn off power to house from outside

4. Check Power Throughout The House

At this point, you are going to naturally assume the power is off.

This is the wrong assumption to make. Never believe the power is off until you have tested it for yourself.

To do this, you are going to back into the property and test each room’s power source. The goal is to see whether or not electricity is running through to the property once the switch or lever has been turned to the off position.

If it is, the power is still running through. You will have to go back to the main breaker box and find another switch for the power source.

5. Speak To An Electrician For Safety Purposes

In most cases, it is simply not ideal to do this on your own even if you want to.

A qualified electrician is already going to be prepared to handle a situation such as this, which means they will know how to turn off the power from outside a house.

This will save time and you will know it is going to be done the right way.

Final Thoughts

These steps will go a long way when learning how to turn off power to the house from outside.

To turn off power to the house from the outside, locate the main breaker box attached to the house or a pole nearby, find the “off” switch or lever, toggle it to the off position, and re-test the power inside the house.

If there is no power, you are good to go and it has worked.

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