How To Unlock Refrigerator Wheels (Solved)

Transporting a refrigerator is one of the more difficult tasks a person has to complete when it comes to getting from point A to point B.

This is due to the shape and size of a modern refrigerator.

To simplify things, manufacturers take the time to design built-in wheels that can make it a breeze to roll the fridge to where it needs to go. Rather than lifting the refrigerator off of the ground, you can roll it using the wheels.

However, refrigerator wheels remain locked when it is standing in one place. This is to ensure it doesn’t slide around when it shouldn’t.

Due to this, you will want to learn how to unlock refrigerator wheels.

To unlock refrigerator wheels, find the panel holding the wheel in place. There will be a screw that can be turned clockwise using a screwdriver. The more it turns, the more the wheel will come down. Do this for all of the wheels.

It’s important to note that some refrigerators have an automated locking/unlocking mechanism for the wheels.

This means the wheels will come down as soon as the fridge is tilted.

However, if you have an older fridge, it is likely going to have a screw running through the panel that needs to be turned clockwise. Be prepared to do this if the fridge’s wheels are not coming down on their own.

This article will take a deeper look at how to unlock refrigerator wheels along with what to use.

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Steps On How To Unlock Refrigerator Wheels

1. Find The Panel Connecting To The Wheel

When learning how to unlock a fridge’s wheels, it’s important to find the connecting panel running on the bottom of the appliance.

This panel will hold the wheels in place when they are locked or unlocked.

Look close to where the wheels are and find an attaching screw that is holding them up. This screw is responsible for keeping the wheels in place whether they are nestled up against the fridge or down ready to be used.

This panel should be easy to locate and the screws will be close to where the wheels are.

how to unlock refrigerator wheels

2. Turn Connecting Screw Clockwise

When you find the screw, you are going to use a screwdriver to loosen it.

This will have to be done in the clockwise direction to get the wheel to loosen. The screw is going to be found beside each wheel and is going to be a part of the panel running at the bottom of the fridge.

Continue to loosen the screw and watch as the wheel begins to come down.

3. Let The Wheels Come Down

As the wheels start to move, you will realize they are going to come down until they lock into place.

This is the endpoint for the wheels.

When you are satisfied with one wheel, you can move on to the next one. Continue to do this until all of the wheels are down and ready to be used.

You can even take the time to test the wheels to see if the fridge is easy to move around.

how to unlock refrigerator wheels

4. Check For Automated Unlocking Mechanism For Wheels

In some cases, a refrigerator will have wheels that unlock automatically.

This is to ensure you don’t need to go down and begin unscrewing the panel to get the wheels to come out.

This is not common but it is something you can look for if you can’t find the screw.

To activate the automated feature, you are going to tilt the fridge and attempt to move it. The wheels will come down and it will become easy to roll the fridge to where it needs to go.

If you are still unsure, go through the user manual for your specific model as each fridge is different when it comes to this feature.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps on how to unlock refrigerator wheels.

To unlock refrigerator wheels, find the panel running along the bottom of the appliance. This panel will have a screw close to where each wheel is. Turn the screw clockwise to loosen the wheel until it comes down. Do this for all of the wheels.

This process doesn’t take long and there is only one screw for each wheel.

Continue to work your way around and ensure the fridge is level when it is set on the wheels.

This will make it a lot easier to get the fridge to where it needs to be without damaging anything.

Remember, some fridges have an automated unlocking mechanism that you can activate. Just tilt the fridge and the wheels will come down for you to use.

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