I Accidentally Flushed Deodorant Down Toilet! (Solved)

It’s never easy to deal with a situation where your deodorant falls into the toilet.

Some people put the deodorant on top of the toilet tank to save counter space. This is often done when the sink is nearby, but what if the deodorant doesn’t sit still on top?

This is when you have a situation where you accidentally flushed deodorant down the toilet.

If you accidentally flushed deodorant down the toilet, start by turning off the valve. Now, empty the toilet tank, and then use a drain snake to hook onto the deodorant. This will let you pull it up and out of the toilet drain.

It’s common to want to use a plunger to get the deodorant out.

This might work with other items but won’t do as well with your deodorant due to the shape of the product and how hard its outer layer is. You are better off using a drain snake to take the deodorant out of the toilet bowl.

This guide will go into greater detail when fixing a situation where you accidentally flushed deodorant down the toilet.

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How To Remove Deodorant Flushed Down The Toilet

1. Turn Off The Water Supply

If your deodorant fell into the toilet, you will want to ensure it does not go deeper into the toilet drain.

This is when things spiral out of control.

The deodorant stick or bottle is going to be large. This means it will require a lot of force to push into the drain before it gets stuck.

This is why you should start by turning off the water that is going into the toilet. To do this, you will have to locate the shutoff water valve that is located near the toilet. It should be somewhere behind or to the side of the toilet.

Turn this off and then begin looking at ways to take out the deodorant from the toilet.

accidentally flushed deodorant down toilet

2. Empty The Toilet Tank

The first step is to empty the toilet tank.

If the toilet tank is full, you will not have enough leverage to get the drain snake in, hook onto the deodorant, and take it out.

Your goal here is to use a bucket of water to help drain the toilet bowl after you have turned off the shutoff valve.

All it takes is a bucket of water poured into the toilet for it to drain. Take your time doing this and make sure you have turned off the valve.

3. Push a Drain Snake Down The Hole

Once the toilet is empty, it’s time to use the drain snake to your advantage.

Always use a quality drain snake that is not going to break inside the drain. This is why investing in a good one is always the right way to go.

With the drain snake, you are going to push it into the drain and make sure it goes all the way into the hole.

You will eventually make contact with the deodorant if it hasn’t gone all the way into the piping.

Continue to work on taking out the deodorant and it will eventually hook on.

accidentally flushed deodorant down toilet

4. Wait To Hook Onto The Deodorant

This is an important step and it takes a bit of time.

You should not push with the drain snake as that might cause it to go deeper into the drain. Your goal here is to be patient and make sure to hook the deodorant on.

If possible, you could also pinpoint where inside the pipe it is.

This will let you access that part of the pipe and take out the deodorant before it goes deeper into the system.

This will take a bit of work on your part but it is going to save you money in repairs.

Final Thoughts

I accidentally flushed deodorant down the toilet!

If you accidentally flushed deodorant down the toilet, the best step is to turn off the water using the shutoff valve. Once the water is off, empty the toilet bowl with a bucket of water, and then push the drain snake in to hook out the deodorant. If it’s too deep in the system, consult with a plumber to have it removed from the pipe.

This is going to take patience and you will need the right type of drain snake. Invest in a good one and then put it to use.

This is how you are going to see the results you’re after and get the deodorant out as soon as possible.

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