15 IKEA Bathroom Hacks That Are Easy To Do

IKEA is home to numerous quality products and solutions that are useful when it is time to optimize a bathroom.

We have spent time collecting ideas and figuring out what’s good for those who have a bathroom that has to be changed up or improved.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the best IKEA bathroom ideas for your needs.

Wooden Shelves

Shelves are great when it’s time to optimize your bathroom.

These shelves can be set up on one side of the bathroom or above the toilet depending on the layout of the bathroom.

These details can go a long way when it comes to maximizing the shelving and getting it to work out as required. Look into this and you are going to feel confident with the wood shelves.

Wooden shelves are a great option that are going to open up new wall space in the bathroom and make it a lot easier to decorate the bathroom too.

Curved Mirror

Most bathrooms are going to have a standard mirror.

This mirror is fine but it’s also great to improve the aesthetic of the space with an IKEA mirror.

One of the good things about IKEA is its selection of mirrors. You can take a look at adding a curved mirror to the bathroom and getting it to look different from what was already there.

Ladder Rack

Where are you going to be hanging all of your towels?

We recommend going with a beautiful ladder rack that can be set up against the wall in the bathroom. This is useful because it’s going to reduce the clutter in the bathroom and is also going to allow you to have access to the towels.

You can hang other items on the ladder rack too.

This is useful in a bathroom and will optimize the space instantly.

Floating Shelves

We have talked about traditional shelves in the bathroom and now it’s time to look at gorgeous floating shelves.

Floating shelves are wonderful because they look aesthetically pleasing.

You are going to adore how things come together in the bathroom and you are going to get to maximize the vertical spacing in the bathroom. This makes it a lot easier to decorate the bathroom.

Open Shelves

Open shelves are wonderful and aesthetically charming too.

We like these shelves because they are easy to set up and are going to offer ample space for those who want to decorate the bathroom a bit.

You can use various decorative items to get the most out of these shelves. We would take the time to look into this to make sure your shelves look impressive.

Glass Storage Unit

A glass storage unit is a good option in the bathroom and something we do find appealing.

These storage units are not going to take up a lot of space horizontally.

This is useful because you can set up the glass storage unit in the bathroom along the corner and that’s going to be enough for it to work out as required.

Long Cupboards

Long cupboards are a great option depending on the layout of the bathroom.

We find these to be gorgeous.

These cupboards are going to be set in the corner of the bathroom and you are going to feel confident putting accessories and/or other items inside the cupboard. This is a great option because it looks neat and efficient.

This is a good alternative to the glass option.

It is going to look just as nice and you are going to keep the items hidden.

Hanging Organizer

Do you want more storage space for your accessories in the bathroom?

It’s time to take a look at adding a hanging organizer in the bathroom. These organizers work well because you are going to hang them on the back of the bathroom door.

This is going to make it easy to access as soon as you walk into the bathroom.

Having your items nearby can be wonderful.


Baskets have become a trendy option that looks great and are going to be useful too.

The premise behind adding baskets to the bathroom will come down to having a decorative place to store items.

This includes towels and/or other items that you want to put into the woven basket. We like how the basket looks and you can also go with other materials depending on the aesthetic of the bathroom.

Acrylic Organizer

This organizer is efficient and clean.

We like this type of organizer because it’s made of a strong material that’s going to work well in a damp environment such as the bathroom.

It’s going to remain clean and that adds value to the organizer’s aesthetic. Plus, you are going to have impressive access to the table itself.

Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is one of those appealing options that will stand out because it’s not what you are going to expect to see in the bathroom.

The charm of a rolling cart is hard to beat.

You can easily move it around and place items on top of it. It is great for the overall theme of the bathroom and will also open up new storage space in the room.

Standing Cupboard

A standing cupboard is a good option.

It’s going to be a little bigger than some of the slimmer options but it’s going to be just as effective.

We find these cupboards to be great from IKEA.

They are efficient, easy to set up, and you are going to enjoy how well they hold up in the bathroom as soon as they are installed.

Storage Chair

A storage chair is a unique option.

This is going to look like a chair but it’s going to have a section for you to store items. This is different from the other options on this list but it’s a great IKEA bathroom idea that will look great as soon as it is set up.

Take advantage of a storage chair and see the difference in how much space you have to work with.

Shampoo Dispenser

Instead of putting shampoo bottles on the floor, why not get a shampoo dispenser for the shower in the bathroom?

We use this because it works well.

You are going to feel confident using the shampoo dispenser and it’s going to take seconds to set up.

Round Mirror

A round mirror is always going to be a neat option.

It’s going to brighten the bathroom and it’s also going to look aesthetically pleasing. For those who have a small bathroom, you are going to want to use the round mirror as a way to make the bathroom appear bigger.