21 IKEA Furniture Hacks You Should Consider Right Now

IKEA is renowned for being one of the most integral home brands on the planet. It’s known everywhere for offering affordable, high-quality solutions that are made from world-class materials.

We all appreciate what IKEA has to offer, but it’s essential to also mix things up when it’s time to set up your home.

If you are looking at adding IKEA furniture, you are going to want to know how to optimize it too.

This includes the best IKEA furniture hacks for your home and the value they can bring.

Ladder Rack

A ladder rack is one of those elegant additions that will look good and is also going to be ideal from an organizing perspective.

You can use this rack in a way to hold towels in the bathroom or blankets in the room.

This is powerful for those who want a neater way to store these items and still have them accessible.

Bowl Bedlamp

The bowl bedlamp is aesthetically pleasing and ideal for all ages.

It has this charming elegance that’s going to draw you in. We love this type of bedlamp because it’s going to do more than just illuminate the room it’s in. This is a lamp that’s going to also look amazing on the table.

We find these types of bedlamps to be world-class.

Indoor Greenhouse

An indoor greenhouse is all about having the right type of setup and using a setup that’s refined and well-intentioned.

This is where IKEA furniture can be useful.

You are going to want to use the IKEA cabinet to create a beautiful indoor greenhouse that’s easy on the eyes and beautiful from all angles.

Long Desk

A good desk in the home office cannot be understated.

It’s going to set the tone for the home office and it has to look the part. We find this IKEA furniture hack to be relevant and essential for most homes.

You are going to want to combine IKEA chests to create this aesthetic.

Wooden Wardrobe

A wardrobe is one of those additions that is not going to let you down and it’s going to be aesthetically pleasing too.

We would look at going with a wooden finish.

This type of finish is going to focus on using PAX wardrobes from IKEA and combining them.

Shoe Cabinet

Want to put your shoes in a safe spot in the home?

People have a lot of shoes that need to be organized and that’s why they prefer going with something well-rounded.

This type of shoe cabinet is versatile and effective in doing a good job.

You can stack the IKEA shoe cabinets and get it to look like a charming part of the entryway.

Built-In Desk

Want to go with a built-in desk depending on the type of home you are dealing with?

We love the built-in desk idea.

This idea focuses on combining bookcases and getting them to turn into a comprehensive built-in desk with a computer in the middle. It’s a riveting example of what you can do with IKEA furniture.

Gold Bedside Table

The right type of bedside table is going to beautify a bedroom instantly.

We love the gold bedside table.

This is a table that’s going to play up on the overall theme of the bedroom and go for that opulent aesthetic that you are aiming for. We find this to be aesthetically pleasing and ideal for a modern home.

Jute Trash Can

Want to spice up the trash can?

It is the little details that matter in a home and it sometimes starts with the basics like the trash can.

You are going to use jute material from IKEA to help wrap the trash can in the home. This will give you a unique trash can that’s easy on the eyes.

Hallway Storage

Storage options are a must when it comes to how things are set up in the hallway.

We do find this to be a great option for those who want a bit more space.

The hallway storage idea looks at IKEA’s storage cabinets and places them along the hallway. It’s a neat way to optimize how the hallway looks as soon as the cabinets are in place and you can extend them as much as you want to.

Hanging Organizer

There is nothing better than being able to take an IKEA hanging organizer and make the most of it by using it in various parts of the home.

You won’t have to use it on the door if you don’t want to.

The idea is to make use of the hanging component and set it up where you need to declutter the room. It is a beautiful hanging organizer and it’s going to do a wonderful job in the room it’s in.

Built-In Bookshelves

Bookshelves are wonderful, especially when you are going with the IKEA options.

You are going to use the IKEA billy bookshelves to make sure the aesthetic is perfect and the built-in vibe is in line with what you want.

This is where the charm of these bookshelves will begin to come through and you are going to enjoy the breathtaking beauty that comes along with these bookshelves.

Headboard With Storage

When you walk into a bedroom, you are likely not going to think about the headboard and how it’s going to function.

However, we find it to be a wonderful spot for a bit of storage space.

You are going to use the IKEA TRONES option to look at building a headboard that is going to be effective and spacious.

Hanging Makeup Storage

Do you want to put makeup into a well-intentioned organizer?

This is where the hanging makeup storage idea stands out. We adore this idea because it’s going to be appealing and easy to manage as soon as you tread down this path.

We adore this about the makeup storage and how well it works.

Key Holder

A good key holder is never a bad idea for a home.

We love this type of key holder because it’s not going to get in the way and it’s going to be easy to put up in any part of the home.

For those who do have multiple keys to juggle, it’s nice to have this type of useful key holder ready to go home.

Woven Basket

Woven baskets are great in the home.

These are ideal for numerous reasons and you can find good ones from IKEA. We take the time to look at using these woven baskets around the home in a way to spice up the aesthetic.

They are earthy, calming, and look great from all angles.

Wall-To-Wall Storage

Do you want as much storage space as possible?

This is where IKEA furniture options stand out. You are going to want to look at using IKEA Billy as a way to set things up across one end of the room.

This is going to allow you to create ample storage with the help of the IKEA furniture in front of you.

Spinning Bookcase

Most people are going to look at a traditional bookshelf when it’s time to store their books, but what if you want to mix things up?

This is where a spinning bookcase comes in handy.

The spinning bookcase is going to use the IKEA SNUDDA and is going to be reshaped to be used for books.

Wall-To-Wall Storage Cabinet

Being able to go with a comprehensive storage cabinet is never a bad idea at home and it’s something we prefer to do depending on the layout of the room.

This simply looks amazing.

The wall-to-wall storage cabinet is the real deal.

It’s going to work well and it’s going to end up working out as you want it to.

Floating Shelves

Do you want more space on the wall?

This is where IKEA floating shelves are useful. They are going to be sturdy and easy to set up ensuring you have ample space to decorate on the wall.

You can pick and choose how many shelves you want to go with and it’s going to simplify everything for your situation.

Elegant Cupboard

This is all about choosing IKEA furniture that’s going to allow you to build the perfect cupboard at home.

You are going to spice up the IKEA cupboard by beautifying it.

This includes the items you put around it and the area you create that is defined by the IKEA cupboard. We adore this look and it is going to be easy to manage too.