Is Hanging Two Chandeliers Over Dining Table Good? (Answered)

When it comes to designing the dining room, it’s often going to come down to the staple fixtures such as the lighting.

What type of lighting should you put over a dining table? is there a particular look that will stand out and elevate the room’s aesthetic?

Keeping this in mind, you might even think about hanging two chandeliers over the dining table.

Hanging two chandeliers over the dining table is a modern option and will look wonderful once installed. It’s recommended to choose evenly-sized chandeliers and make sure they are spaced apart.

This will create the aesthetic you’re going for without seeming overwhelming.

Choosing chandeliers for the dining table is an important decision and it becomes critical when looking at multiple chandeliers over a dining table.

If you choose the wrong type of chandeliers, the results will be awful. The room will feel crowded and it will become difficult to use the table.

This article will provide a few tips on how to go about hanging two chandeliers over a dining table.

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Tips On Hanging Two Chandeliers Over Dining Table

1. Don’t Choose Oversized Chandeliers

Having two chandeliers in the dining room is a good idea.

However, you have to be careful about the type of chandelier installed over a dining table. It should always look the part and not seem oversized.

When you choose an oversized chandelier, it can become overwhelming and unappealing.

This becomes worse when two oversized chandeliers are hanging over a dining table. it will look odd and it might also make the dining table unusable depending on how the fixtures are installed.

It is important to make sure both chandeliers are medium-sized or smaller.

Since there are two of them, you don’t need each unit to be large. They will work in unison to provide ample light in the room.

hanging two chandeliers over dining table

2. Both Chandeliers Should Be The Same Size

Two chandeliers over a dining table are great.

You have to make sure to choose the right ones to see good results.

A common mistake that is made is to choose different-sized chandeliers. This looks odd and unappealing because it takes away from the symmetry of a room.

Everything has to be balanced or the room will look out of sorts.

This is why designers state one of the most important factors is to choose the same type of chandeliers and imagine them as a set. You also want to make sure they are set at the same height to emphasize the sameness.

3. The Spacing Has To Be Equal

The spacing matters a lot when it comes to multiple chandeliers over a dining table.

The reasoning has to do with balance and harmony.

You don’t want the lighting to be tilted towards one side of the dining table. This is when things look unappealing and you will not be happy with the results at all.

It’s important to think about the spacing and make sure it is as equal as it needs to be.

To do this, you will want to measure the size of the table along with the rest of the room. The lighting is not only for the table but also for the entire space.

When turned on, the chandeliers should provide ample light to the entire room including the dining table.

hanging two chandeliers over dining table

4. Don’t Hang The Chandeliers Too Low

You never want to hang the chandeliers too low.

This goes for one or two chandeliers.

The reasoning has to do with not having an overbearing set of fixtures that take away from the rest of the dining space. It is important the lighting works but it should not feel like it is right on your head when you sit down to eat.

This is a key detail to think about when it comes to the practicality of the solution.

Final Thoughts

These are the main tips for hanging two chandeliers over a dining table.

There is nothing wrong with hanging two chandeliers over a dining table. This is stylish, modern, and aesthetically pleasing. To do this the right way, make sure the chandeliers are an exact match, set at the same height, and evenly spaced out.

This will ensure the two chandeliers look good and act as a singular lighting fixture. This is when the balance will accentuate the rest of the dining space.

If you attempt to get too creative with different types of chandeliers, the look will become unappealing quickly.

This is why taking your time to choose the right type of chandeliers is a must. Do not settle for something oversized or wrong for the space when working as a set.

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