Is It OK If Tv Is Bigger Than Stand?

When you are thinking about adding a new TV to your room, it will become important to look at all of the options that are out there. Some TV stands are going to look great while others are going to leave you disappointed with their size. This is why you need to focus on the question, is it ok if tv is bigger than stand?

It is recommended to have a TV that is smaller in width than the TV stand. This looks aesthetically pleasing and provides a more balanced appearance from all angles. However, it is possible to go with a TV that is wider than the TV stand as long as it can remain stable on the top surface.

It often comes down to what you want as a homeowner. Do you want the TV to be wider than the TV stand? Is this something that will throw off the look of your living room?

Key factors include:

  • Layout of the Room
  • Size of the TV
  • Placement of the TV Stand

You have to realize this is going to be a personal decision and one that is going to come down to the rest of the living room. Just asking “Is it ok if tv is bigger than stand?” is a good starting point but it is not the only aspect of the decision.

Your top priority has to be to assess the rest of the living room and whether or not the TV stand you’re going for will work.

This article is going to dive into the question “Is it ok if tv is bigger than stand?” with an eye towards which considerations are critical during the decision-making process.

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Things To Consider When Choosing the Right TV Stand

1. Size of the TV

When asking “Is it ok if tv is bigger than stand?” you will want to look at the size of the TV.

A good TV stand needs to be able to handle the actual weight of the TV. This includes any accessories and/or devices that are going to be sat near the TV.

Always make sure this is kept in mind as you figure things out.

If you choose the right size, you are going to see good results over the long haul. Even if the TV is sticking out, it always comes down to what the TV stand can handle.

is it ok if tv is bigger than stand

2. Layout of the Room

Another factor would be the layout of your room.

Where are the seats? Is there a clear viewing angle to the TV from those seats?

You will want to make sure all of these answers are in line with the type of TV stand you end up buying. Otherwise, it just won’t flow!

TV stands should always be viewable from all the seating spots in the room and should not be at a great angle for those sitting nearby.

A good TV stand isn’t going to be kept in a bubble.

It’s going to be a part of the setting and this is something you are going to want to account for immediately.

is it ok if tv is bigger than stand

3. Placement of the TV Stand

When asking “Is it ok if tv is bigger than stand?” you should also look at where the TV stand is going to go in the room.

This means is it going to be alone near the front of the room? Will it be set up on the side?

A TV stand that is placed in the right spot will always be viewable and isn’t going to become a safety risk as people move around the room from one place to another.

The placement of your TV stand matters because it dictates which size is appropriate for that part of the room.

Sometimes, a large TV stand won’t work because it won’t let you walk around the room. Focus on this just as much as whether or not the TV can sit on top of the stand.

Related Questions

1. How Big Should Your TV Stand Be?

It is best to choose a TV stand that is wider than the TV. This provides a stable place for the TV to rest on while making sure nothing looks out of place.

2. Can I Put 65 Inch Tv On A 50 Inch Stand?

It is recommended to put a 65 inch TV on a 60 inch stand for maximum results. This will ensure the weight is supported properly and it looks aesthetically pleasing from all viewing angles.

Final Thoughts

“Is it ok if tv is bigger than stand?”

It is not a good idea to have a TV that is bigger than the stand. Yes, it is possible to get away with it but the rule of thumb is to have a TV stand that is wider.

It will better support the TV’s weight and look good too.

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