Is It Ok To Run A Fridge Empty? (Answered)

When setting up a fridge, the natural expectation is to fill it with food, beverages, and anything else that needs to be chilled.

While this is the case in most situations, it is possible to have a time when you might have to keep the fridge empty.

This is when you wonder, is it ok to run a fridge empty?

It is okay to run a fridge empty. It will be inefficient since the fridge will use a consistent stream of energy to remain cool. It’s recommended to unplug a fridge when there’s nothing inside instead of placing pressure on the internal components.

A lot of people assume an empty fridge will break down. This is untrue.

The empty fridge will continue to run as long as it’s plugged in. The cooling will run at the setting it is set to until you unplug the appliance.

However, you are going to be wasting quite a bit of energy because the fridge will continue to run as if it has food inside.

This article will take a look at why it is ok to run an empty fridge but why it’s best not to.

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Reasons It’s Ok To Run Empty Fridge

1. Fridge Will Remain Safe

The fridge is going to remain safe.

When a fridge is running empty, it is going to continue to produce the same amount of energy as it would when full.

This is based on the cooling setting you have set it on.

While this is going to waste quite a bit of electricity and energy, it is also going to keep the fridge safe.

When a fridge is unplugged, it is going to sit to the side and the components will begin to age rapidly. This will become noticeable when you attempt to plug the fridge back in and use it later.

It might not be as effective when you attempt to do this.

is it ok to run a fridge empty

2. Fridge Will Be Ready For Use When Required

Let’s assume the empty fridge is wasting energy.

You will automatically assume the best option is to turn it off and unplug the appliance. In most cases, this is likely the right way to go.

However, what if you are going to be filling the fridge in a few days? Does it make sense to unplug the empty fridge if it will be plugged back in soon?

No, it does not.

You should let the empty fridge run because it will be ready when you put items back in. You will not have to wait for the fridge to cool again.

3. Keeps The Fridge’s Components Functional

If a refrigerator is running on empty, it is going to keep the components functional.

This is vital because older fridges tend to break down faster. The components age rapidly when they are sitting unused.

If you keep the empty fridge running, it’s a lot easier to ensure the components work as they are supposed to. This includes knowing they are going to work well on the cooling setting you have set it on.

This makes all the difference as you begin to fill the empty fridge later.

If you don’t do this, the fridge’s components may begin to die out. This is costly and not worth the hassle.

is it ok to run a fridge empty

4. Easier To Adjust Cooling

The better option when a fridge is empty would be to adjust the cooling.

This is a simple fix.

You should always look to adjust the cooling by being careful. This includes reducing it as much as possible to ensure you see the type of results you are hoping for.

If you don’t do this, you are not going to adjust things as well as you need to. It creates a wasteful situation.

Just reduce the cooling and go from there.

This will ensure you see great results and it works out as planned.

Final Thoughts

Is it ok to run a fridge empty?

It is ok to run a fridge empty. What’s going to happen is there will be a waste of electricity and energy as the appliance remains cool. However, by running it on empty, the components remain in good shape and it’s easier to fill the fridge later.

This saves a lot of time if you know the fridge is going to be full in a few days.

If you are willing to accept the same energy bill, you will be good to go by running the appliance on empty. There is no reason to unplug it.

If the utility bill does impact you then it is okay to unplug it and wait until you need to use the appliance later.

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