Is A King Comforter Too Small for A King Bed? (Solved)

Finding a king comforter that fits is easier said than done.

Most people struggle to find the right size and this can create a situation where there’s nothing that works seamlessly.

Does this mean it’s impossible to find the right comforter for a king bed? Is a king comforter too small for a king bed?

A king comforter can be too small for a king bed depending on its material. Stretchy materials do better such as 100% microfiber. Otherwise, oversized king comforters are sold on the open market to ensure the fit is perfect.

When measuring a comforter, it’s important to go with something that’s not an exact match with the king bed’s dimensions. An exact match does not account for spots where the comforter has to cover making it aesthetically unappealing.

The oversized king comforter is a much better fit and looks the part.

This article will explain why a king comforter is sometimes too small for a king bed and what to look for when buying a good one.

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Why Does My King-Size Comforter Not Fit My King-Size Bed?

A king-size comforter might not fit a king-size bed due to its material. Some comforters are made as exact match options. This means they are the same size as the bed in terms of length and width. This doesn’t look good in reality as it doesn’t cover as much space, especially after the first wash.

This is why it’s better to go with an oversized king comforter.

It saves you a lot of trouble when it comes to managing a king comforter and ensuring it lasts for a long time to come.

You don’t want a situation where the comforter does not last and/or breaks down. This is common when you go with a smaller comforter. It will begin to look odd as soon as it is washed for the first time.

You have to be careful and make sure things are done with patience. Only go with a comforter that is larger than the king-size bed.

king comforter too small for king bed

What Is The Best Size Comforter for A King Bed?

The best size comforter for a king bed is 80″ x 11″ x 11″. This offers ample space for the comforter to cover the king bed without looking limp, lumpy, or unappealing. This is often noted as being an oversized king comforter.

Do look for a comforter that is within this range.

The reason comes down to thinking about the long-term. Some of the king bedding sets sold on the open market are useful only until the first wash.

When the comforter is washed for the first time, it shrinks, and that causes it to look odd on the king bed.

Do not settle for a comforter that does not account for this shrinkage or you are going to hate the investment immediately.

The king bed is a large space to cover, which means the comforter needs to account for this too.

By focusing on the dimensions listed here. you will have a much better chance of getting the comforter to look in sync with the bed.

What Size Comforter Fits A California King Bed?

The right size comforter for a California king bed is 114″ x 120″. This offers enough coverage and ensures shrinkage does not play a role in how effective the comforter is for the bed.

When choosing a comforter for a California king bed, it’s important to consider these details.

You have to ensure the comforter looks the part and does not get in the way. This can be a real concern when it comes to getting the type of style your bed needs.

Stay within the dimensions mentioned here and get the look you are after. Anything else is not going to look appealing and will become a hassle to deal with.

king comforter too small for king bed

Final Thoughts

Is a king comforter too small for a king bed?

A king comforter can be too small for a king bed depending on the material it’s made of. For example, 100% microfiber king comforters do well and are the right size for a king bed. ON the other hand, other materials shrink rapidly and look out of place.

Keep these details in mind when choosing a new comforter for your king-sized bed.

If you don’t take the time to look into these details, you will have to settle for something that looks lumpy and out of place.

Think about the long-term and choose a quality comforter that is slightly larger than the king bed or made of 100% microfiber.

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