Is My Coffee Table Too Big?

The right coffee table isn’t always easy to find and a lot of people get confused when they’re looking for the right fit. When looking for a good coffee table for your room, it’s best to ask the right question including – is my coffee table too big?

A coffee table can be too big for a room if it is more than 2/3 of the sofa’s length. This will make it stand out for all the wrong reasons and take away from the sofa’s aesthetic.

It’s important to analyze all of your options and figure out which solution works best for your living room. This includes the size that you are working with when it comes to the coffee table.

The key factors include:

  • The Shape of the Table
  • Size
  • Overall Look

If you don’t ask “Is my coffee table too big?” then you might end up with something that simply takes up too much space and looks odd.

When you are buying a new coffee table for your living room, it might as well be the right size! This is going to save you a lot of trouble over the long term.

This guide is going to dive deeper into the question, “Is my coffee table too big?” as a way to see what works and what doesn’t for your needs.

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Tips For Finding The Perfect Coffee Table

1. Should Be Less Than 2/3 of the Sofa’s Length

The sofa’s length is something that has to be taken into account.

Most people are going to walk into a room and look directly at the sofa. This is how their eye is going to travel, so that should be your foundation for measuring the coffee table.

Take the time to measure your sofa’s length.

From this point, you are going to want the coffee table to be at the most 2/3 of the sofa’s length. This means if a sofa’s length is 100 inches then you would want a coffee table that is less than 66 inches.

Of course, it is okay for the coffee table to be smaller than 2/3 of the table’s length.

Is My Coffee Table Too Big

2. Table’s Height Should Match With The Seat’s Height

The next step to answer the question, “Is my coffee table too big?” involves assessing the table’s height.

You will want to make sure the coffee table is not too big.

For example, you want to look to match the coffee table’s height with the sofa’s seat. In the best-case scenario, the table will be in line with the seat or just slightly shorter.

In some cases, it is okay for a table to be slightly taller than the table but it should never be exaggerated and/or noticeable.

Remember, it is okay for a table to be around this range. It doesn’t have to be exact!

When asking “Is my coffee table too big?” you will want to go through these details as that will be where the eye falls.

Is My Coffee Table Too Big

3. Consider Different Shapes

It is important to note, you don’t have to stick to traditional shapes with a coffee table.

That might have been okay in the past but isn’t as mandatory nowadays! You can play around with the shapes.

For example, you can go with a round coffee table or any other shape that suits the rest of your interior decor.

Round coffee tables are becoming increasingly popular as a way to mix things up a little bit and modernize how a living room looks.

It is best to stick with a rectangular table in smaller rooms while focusing on a round or square table for larger rooms.

This is something that has to be taken into account.

Also, if you have children at home, this can play a role in what you end up getting. If you have children then it might be better to go with a rounded table that doesn’t have sharp edges.

1. What Shape Should A Coffee Table Be?

It is best to have a rectangular or oval-shaped coffee table for smaller rooms while leaning towards a more rounded table in larger rooms.

2. How Can I Increase The Height Of My Coffee Table?

The best way to increase a coffee table’s height is by using floor spacers under the feet and/or using a thicker top to add a bit of height.

Final Thoughts

Is my coffee table too big?

The right coffee table will be 2/3 of the sofa’s length and doesn’t go too far over the top of the sofa’s seat.

This is when you are going to hit the “sweet spot” for the sofa.

Take the time to measure your coffee table or look to invest in a new one that works well.

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