Is My Floor Mirror Too Short? (Solved)

Floor mirrors are a stylish addition to a modern space.

They’re functional, easy to set up and look aesthetically pleasing once in place.

However, it is also important that you think about the sizing and how the floor mirror will look in comparison to the rest of the space. You don’t want a situation where the floor mirror is too short.

A floor mirror is too short if it does not showcase the entire body when standing in front of it. This is a good indicator that the floor mirror is not compatible with the space and is likely out of place. To fix the issue, place the floor mirror on a small stand or replace it.

You will often assume the floor mirror can be small but it will look odd.

This is one of the main pieces in a room due to how it looks once set up. Due to this, you have to make sure the floor mirror is big enough to suit the room.

This article will take a look at the main factors to consider if the floor mirror is too short.

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Reasons Floor Mirror Is Too Short

1. Doesn’t Show Your Entire Body

A floor mirror is too small when it does not show your entire body.

This is one of the best ways to know that you don’t have the right floor mirror set up and it is going to look awful.

Remember that the main purpose of a floor mirror is to be a useful solution for you to walk in front of and take a look at your outfit or your overall look.

If that does not happen, it will look out of place.

Usability is important and that is the first detail to think about when deciding whether or not a floor mirror is too short.

floor mirror too short

2. Looks Small For The Wall

Look at the surrounding elements.

If the floor mirror is put against a wall, it is going to have to be set at a reasonable height. This is the only way it is not going to look like a small mirror that has been put in that spot temporarily.

There is a balancing act here and it has to be done the right way.

In general, a good floor mirror is going to take up at least half of the wall when it leans against it. This is assuming it is a regular 8-10 foot wall.

If it is a larger wall then you will not have to apply this rule.

3. Doesn’t Stand Correctly

It is also important that you take a look at how it is positioned.

A small floor mirror is going to look out of place because it will not stand properly. This is due to its dimensions.

The floor mirror is going to be set at an angle that is unusable and something that will not make sense for the place it is in.

A good floor mirror should always have a purpose in the space it is in. This includes looking reasonable when it is set up.

floor mirror too short

4. Requires A Stand For Additional Height

A floor mirror is not big enough if it requires a stand.

However, this is a good solution for any floor mirror that is too small but is still an integral part of your interior design.

A good stand will help raise its height and make it more usable.

Remember that you can always elevate a mirror and have it sit on the stand. This is going to look neat as long as the stand matches the rest of the interior design.

Don’t give up on using the floor mirror if it is too small. This is just another detail you have to account for and you can work around it with a bit of care.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons to think about when it comes to a floor mirror that’s too short.

A floor mirror is too short if it is difficult to see your entire body standing in front of it. Additional signs include it being too small for the wall it is leaning against and/or not being set at the right angle. To fix the issue, use a stand to increase the height.

If this does not help, you will need to replace the floor mirror as it will not match up with the room’s demands.

In general, a good floor mirror is going to be large as that is what makes it stylish.

Take the time to look for this type of floor mirror. If you already have one, use a stand to get the job done and make sure it is set at the right height.

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