16 Classy Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

Kitchen counters need to be dressed up for them to look aesthetically appealing.

A lot of people have beautiful kitchens with gorgeous countertops but don’t know what to put on them.

This can leave them bare and unappealing.

To avoid this, here are the best kitchen counter decor ideas to keep in mind.

LED Strip Lights

This is a great way to add a bit of brightness to the kitchen counter.

These LED strip lights are going to go underneath the cabinet and will illuminate the counter in a way that’s easy on the eyes.

It’s a simple addition and one that’s going to brighten everything. You can go with longer strip lights or puck lights depending on preference but it’s an idea that simply works.

Jar For Utensils

Most people are going to take their utensils and stuff them into the drawer.

This is fine, but you can also use this element in the kitchen as a way to decorate it. This includes taking a beautiful jar and putting the utensils in there as a stylistic element.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are beautiful to look at.

You can decorate them inside the kitchen, add items on top, and/or just leave them empty. It comes down to getting the kitchen to have a bit of depth to it.

We would look at wooden kitchen shelves that are going to offer space for new decorative items to be put on them.

Marble Tray

Imagine walking into a kitchen and getting to see a beautiful marble tray on the countertop that adds depth to the scene.

This is what you want to aim for.

The marble tray is going to work well with the overall aesthetic and it can also act as a storage option for you to put small items inside. Don’t be afraid of doing this!

Candle Holders

Candle holders are great.

You can put beautiful candles inside them and also light up the kitchen when it starts to get dark outside.

Don’t be afraid to do this. It looks beautiful and you can pick the type of candle holders that work for your space.

Round Tray

Trays are powerful and it’s also their shape that’s going to play a role in what you end up doing for the kitchen decor.

The premise here is to go with a round tray.

This tray is going to be ideal for smaller items and can also be used stylistically.

Glass Jars

Glass jars have been around for a long time and they resonate with the overall kitchen aesthetic you’re aiming for.

It’s best to look into this if you want to elevate the natural charm of the kitchen.

Don’t be afraid of doing this because it’s going to work wonders.

Woven Tray

This type of tray is great because it’s going to add depth to the kitchen and is going to act as a nice decorative piece too.

If you have a farmhouse-type kitchen, this is a must.

It’s going to look sleek and welcoming.

Coffee Bar

Are you a coffee enthusiast?

Those who tend to drink coffee during the day will know how important it is to have a good coffee machine set up in the kitchen.

Some will have a basic one and others are going to be more fancy.

We recommend looking at a coffee bar where you are going to have a complete setup for making coffee at home on the counter.

Fake Stems

Fake stems are all the rage right now.

This is a great, trendy aesthetic that’s going to help elevate how the kitchen counter looks as soon as things are set up.

To do this, you are going to take a small vase and put the stems in there. This is going to decorate the kitchen counter instantly.

Wooden Cutting Board

Wood elements are always great for kitchens.

The idea here is to go with a wooden cutting board.

You are going to choose a stylish wooden cutting board to help get the type of pop that’s going to resonate with your vision. This is going to be empowering and it’s going to add value in a way that matters.

Look into this and ensure it’s in line with what you want.

Cute Soap Dispenser

The soap dispenser is one thing a lot of people don’t focus on but it does tie things together in the kitchen.

Look for one that’s sleek and stylish.

You want to get a beautiful soap dispenser that’s going to resonate with the kitchen faucet and the rest of the counter. This itself is a decorative item.

Cake Stand

This is one option most people are not going to think about even though they should.

The idea here is to put together a cake stand that’s going to sit on the counter. You can then place various items on top of the stand.

For example, you can put utensils on top and then complete the aesthetic with other smaller items.

Menu Board

This is a modern look and one that’s going to be far different from what others might be doing in their kitchens.

It’s a nice, stylish option.

You are going to be setting up a small menu board that’s going to create that natural charm and personality that stands out.

Tiny Tray

This is one option where you are going to be using the tray as a part of the overall kitchen counter decor.

This is an idea that works.

You are going to look for a smaller tray that’s going to sit alongside the wooden cutting board or other elements that are already on the counter. It’s about creating balance with the help of the new tray.

Ceramic Pitcher

Pitchers are great and most people end up getting glass ones.

Those are fine, but you can also go with one that’s more modern such as a ceramic pitcher. These are going to cost a bit more, but you can vary the look based on the colors in your kitchen.

Choose one that matches your kitchen counter and its overall theme.