13 Elegant Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas To Maximize Your Setup

When you walk into a kitchen, you are going to immediately take a look at the countertop.

If it’s empty, it is not going to look as good.

There is a warmth associated with a busier kitchen countertop as long as it has been done deliberately. This means you take the time to look at the best kitchen countertop ideas and then figure out what works for your vision.

Here are the best kitchen countertop organization ideas that are a must for your home.

Multiple Trays For Kitchen Accessories

How are you going to organize all of the kitchen accessories?

Are you going to toss them around and just stuff them into the drawers? What if you don’t have enough space to do so?

This is when it’s time to start looking at good kitchen countertop organization ideas that are going to make it easier to keep things in the right spot and ensure they’re accessible too.

This is why the multiple trays work.

You are going to put the accessories inside these beautiful trays.

Utensils In A Jar

Utensils are a part of the kitchen that will always be there.

It’s essential to be aware of this and take the time to organize them. This is not only important for aesthetics but also for making sure you know where the utensils are when in the kitchen.

We adore this idea because it works.

You are going to put out jars and put the utensils in them.

Dish Draining Mat

A dish drainer is one of those charming ideas you are going to like.

We find this to be a fascinating option because you are going to want to have a dish-draining mat handy.

It’s going to be useful in managing your dishes.

The right mat is going to help protect the space and also ensure the dishes are well-managed.

Three-Tier Decorative Tray

How are you going to decorate the countertop?

A lot of people don’t think about this element when it is time to organize the space. Organization is not just about taking the accessories inside the kitchen and putting them in order, it’s also about the aesthetic of the room.

This is where you are going to want to take advantage of the tiered tray.

We love this tiered tray because it’s beautiful and you can put numerous items on it.

Woven Tray For Accessories

A woven tray is gorgeous.

Instead of tossing the items around and placing them in random spots around the kitchen, you are going to want to look at going with a beautiful woven tray for the kitchen countertop.

This is going to look amazing and you will be able to put your accessories inside the tray right away.

This is ideal and is going to look nice!

Countertop Organizer

One of the worst things people have to deal with is a messy kitchen countertop.

It will look odd and it’s going to take away from the beauty of the kitchen.

This is why we recommend going with a beautiful countertop organizer. It’s going to be made for this purpose and it’s going to look incredible as soon as it is set up.

We would take the time to go with an organizer that is stylish and is going to allow you to put the necessary items inside.

Pantry Shelves

How is your pantry looking?

Pantry shelves are essential for those who want to declutter the kitchen and make sure things look as organized as possible.

You can stash a lot of items inside the pantry and maximize the space as best as possible. We adore this element because it works and the pantry shelves are not going to get in the way at all.

They are going to look as good as you want them to.

Under The Sink Organizer

The sink is one of those places you are not going to consider.

We believe this is one part of the kitchen where you can easily set up a beautiful organizer and it is going to declutter the countertop.

We adore this option.

The space under the sink is going to have ample room for the organizer. Find one that is easy to stash in there and is going to remain resolute.

Kitchen Counter Storage

A stackable solution is the way to go here.

We like this option because every kitchen is going to need space to put smaller items. You can do this in numerous ways but we would look at this option.

It’s going to be easy to set up and it’s going to look good too. This is essential when it comes to doing things the right way and getting the kitchen to be as organized as possible moving forward.

Over-The-Counter Organizer

What are you going to put on top of the counter?

It’s essential to look at an over-the-counter organizer. This type of organizer is going to be designed for items you want out in the open.

Sometimes, you will stash items under the sink or in the pantry. However, this particular idea is for those who want to make sure they are keeping the items within reach.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are impressive.

Most people think these are decorative, but they can also be good for those who want to declutter the area.

This is going to ensure you have more space vertically and the floating shelves themselves are going to look impressive.

Kitchen Cart Island

Do you have a kitchen island?

For those who don’t, this is one of those options that is simply stylish and is not going to let you down.

You are going to be thoroughly impressed by its presence and how it turns out. This is the real beauty of what the kitchen island brings to the table.

Catch-All Tray For Kitchen

The last idea is great for those who want to put smaller items into a tray whenever they are in the kitchen.

You can put anything in here.

It’s going to be stylish and is not going to look out of place. For most people, this is what matters the most.