7 Kitchen Decor Items You Should Get Rid Of

Imagine walking into a kitchen and not liking what you see.

It’s not always going to be a home run when it comes to the overall aesthetics of a kitchen and it’s important to get things right if you go down this path.

A lot of people rush the decorating process and end up including items that simply don’t look good.

It’s essential to be aware of what you are doing and make adjustments along the way to ensure the look is on par with what you want.

Let’s take a look at the best kitchen decor items that you should get rid of as soon as possible.

Too Many Colors At Once In Kitchen

One of the mistakes people make is having too many colors at once in a kitchen. It looks ungainly and it’s not what you are going to want in the space.

It’s essential to make sure you are going with the right type of colors.

Even if you are thinking about going with a bright kitchen, it’s essential to stick to one theme. This is going to be far better than attempting to create a rainbow effect where there are too many colors in the kitchen.

This is going to take away from the kitchen’s beauty.

Cluttered Kitchen Decor

Do you have too many items in the kitchen?

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make because you are going to want to put items on the countertop.

This might seem like a good idea but it’s going to take away from the design of the kitchen. The clutter is the only thing the eye is going to notice.

Aggressive Pot Racks

Do you want to hang your pots and pans?

This is something a lot of people do and it can look tasteful. However, there is a limit to what you are doing and if the pot rack is too aggressive, it’s going to look out of place or it’s the only thing you are going to notice.

Avoid this from happening and make sure to adjust your setup.

It is better to hide the pots and pans if you have too many of them.

This is a mistake that is not worth it because it’s going to ruin the kitchen’s aesthetic. It is the only thing you are going to notice.

Improper Lighting In The Kitchen

What type of lighting are you using in the kitchen?

It’s wonderful to have good lighting in the space but the right choice is going to set the tone. Improper lighting is going to look ungainly and it is going to detract from the aesthetic of the space.

Be smart about what you are doing and ensure you are not using lighting that is drooping too much or looks out of place.

This is a mistake you are not going to want to make and it’s going to ruin the look you are going for.

Too Many Accents In Kitchen Decor

Too many accents are not a good thing.

This is going to ruin the overall look you are hoping for. You want to make sure you are avoiding too many accents.

Accents can include any decor items that are being used to add texture to the space. This is not a good idea because it’s the only thing you are going to see when you enter the kitchen.

It’s better to look to choose one theme and stick to it in the kitchen.

This is going to bode well for how things turn out and you are going to feel happy about the aesthetic as soon as you set things up.

Large Vases On Kitchen Countertop

Do you have large vases in the kitchen?

The vases are okay.

However, larger vases are not going to be a good option and are going to look out of place in the kitchen. Leave those vases for other parts of the home including the front entrance or the living room.

Larger vases should not be in the kitchen because you are not going to want to have such an element on the countertop.

It’s going to block everything else and become too prominent.

Tacky Kitchen Wallpaper

Do you have wallpaper in the kitchen?

Wallpaper is not a good look.

It is more common for people to look at adding a backsplash to the kitchen as that is what the going option is these days. Most homes are going to have the backsplash installed in their kitchen and it’s going to look amazing.

Go for what works for your space but avoid wallpaper.

It is also going to age the kitchen and then it’s going to be harder to maintain too.

You are better off working with tiles as those are going to look the part and will make you happy.