Can You Have A Kitchen Sink Not Centered Under The Window? (Answered)

The placement of a kitchen sink is one of the more interesting elements in this part of the house.

The average kitchen will have the sink centered under the window. This is designed to allow a stream of light into the kitchen near a spot where there is no cabinet.

Since it’s not ideal to have it located over the top of the stove, architects will often set up the window over a kitchen sink.

However, can a kitchen sink not be centered under the window?

Yes, a kitchen sink does not have to be centered under the window. It can be situated in other spots around the kitchen including on an island or away from the window. The benefits include no glare when washing dishes, easier customization, and a simpler setup.

It’s important to go through these details when setting up a kitchen or renovating an older one.

If you have the chance to relocate a kitchen sink or find a new spot for it, there are other options available to you.

A kitchen sink does not have to be centered under the window.

This guide will look at the benefits of a kitchen sink that’s not centered under the window.

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Benefits Of A Kitchen Sink Not Centered Under The Window

1. Easier To Customize Positioning

You are going to have improved positioning within the kitchen.

Each layout is unique, which means having the sink centered under a window isn’t always useful. You might have a kitchen where it is better to have the sink on an island or somewhere under a cabinet.

This comes down to what you want as a property owner.

If you get rid of this rule, you are going to have a much easier time finding a good spot for the kitchen sink.

kitchen sink not centered under window

2. Away From Glaring Light When Using Sink

Let’s assume you have the kitchen sink centered under a window.

This will lead to a situation where the sunlight glares into the kitchen throughout the day. You might not like this experience and it won’t be ideal for standing washing the dishes while the sun comes in.

You might prefer having it in another part of the kitchen.

You might also be someone that prefers privacy. This means not having the window right where the sink is as that’s a spot you are going to stand in all the time.

It is these details that go unnoticed when designing a kitchen and finding a good spot for the sink.

3. Easier To Set Up

You are also going to find it much easier to set up.

A kitchen sink under the window is not easy to set up because you have to account for the lack of space above the window.

This means you have to account for how the faucet is set up and how it syncs with the window frame.

To avoid these hurdles, you can have it set up in another part of the property that is in line with the overall plumbing of the house.

kitchen sink not centered under window

Are Kitchen Sinks Always Under Windows?

Kitchen sinks are not always under windows. In modern properties, it’s common for kitchen sinks to be in different spots including on kitchen islands or under cabinets. It’s best to choose what looks right for the specific kitchen space.

Look into these details and make sure you are not wasting time on an unhelpful solution.

Does Kitchen Sink Need To Be Centered Under Window?

A kitchen sink does not need to be centered under a window. It is perfectly fine to have the sink in another part of the kitchen including on an island or under a cabinet. Choose what is best for your layout.

A lot of property owners get lost in these rules and ruin their kitchen space.

Remember, the right place for a kitchen sink is one where it is accessible, easy to use, and doesn’t get in the way.

Final Thoughts

Is it fine if a kitchen sink is not centered under the window?

A kitchen sink does not need to be centered under a window. It can be located off the side, on a kitchen island, or under a cabinet if that’s what you prefer. Each layout is unique and that has to be accounted for when choosing the right spot for a sink.

Don’t follow a steadfast rule assuming that is the only option available to you.

You can have the kitchen sink in different spots depending on what works for your situation.

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