Why Is The Kitchen Sink Still Clogged After Snaking? (Solved)

When a kitchen sink is clogged, it becomes impossible to use it.

This is why you will look at a long list of solutions including taking out a drain snake to do the job. However, you might end up asking, why is the kitchen sink still clogged after snaking?

A kitchen sink can still be clogged after snaking because the clog is deeper in the drain. To fix this issue, go through the u-shaped trap under the sink. This will help unclog the drain from the inside when the snake does not work.

It’s important to turn off the water supply when doing this. Otherwise, you are going to have significant water damage as the water squirts out.

If a kitchen is still clogged after snaking, it’s possible the issue is deeper. Sometimes, it might go all the way to another part of the drain, which means you will need a plumber to take a look.

This article will explain how to fix a kitchen that is still clogged after snaking it.

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How To Fix Kitchen Sink Clogged After Snaking

1. Inspect the Sink

The most important step to unclog a kitchen sink after snaking is to inspect it.

Your first option has not worked, which means something else is wrong. This can vary depending on what is going on with the sink itself.

Your first step is to look into the drain to see if there is debris that has hardened along the sides. This might be the reason why the snake is not working well.

If not, then it’s time to go from under the kitchen sink to unclog it.

A clogged drain deep in the pipe is a common issue. It’s sometimes not as easy to start snaking a kitchen sink to unclog it.

2. Shut Off The Water Supply

To begin, you will want to start by shutting off the water supply to your sink.

If a kitchen sink is clogged past the trap, it’s important to go deeper into the drain. This is only going to happen by turning off the water supply.

Otherwise, you are going to have water everywhere as soon as you open up that part of the drain.

When a kitchen sink is clogged but the snake doesn’t work, you have to look at the drain in its entirety. Sometimes, the issue is not at the surface or a foot into the drain. It can be much deeper than that!

By turning off the water supply, you can start looking at that part of the drain under the sink.

3. Go From Under The Sink

You are now going to go under the sink.

This is where you are going to unscrew the pipe that is going into the sink. This will often be attached to the wall in the back.

The goal here is to make sure you get to see deeper into the drain where the trap is set.

Start by looking at what is right in front of you. This includes potential debris that is stuck right where the pipe was attached. If nothing is there, move on to the next step.

kitchen sink still clogged after snaking

4. Use Snake To Drain Deeper Into The Drain

Now it is time to take out the drain snake again.

You are now going to take the snake and push it deeper into the drain from this part of the pipe. This is going to allow you to get deeper into the drain to see whether or not it is clogged a few feet away.

This is possible.

You will want to push the drain snake all the way in while doing this. It should help unclog anything that is in the kitchen sink.

Take your time while doing this and ensure you push the snake in to loosen the clogged area.

Please note, if this does not work, it is likely an issue that is much deeper into the drain. This will be harder to reach on your own and it’s best to consult with a specialist that has the right gear and knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Why is the kitchen sink still clogged after snaking?

If a kitchen sink is still clogged after snaking, the issue is likely deeper in the drain. It’s common for the clogged area to be past the u-shaped trap under the sink. To fix this issue, shut off the water supply, unscrew the pipe under the sink, and push the drain snake in. This will help loosen any clog that is in that part of the drain.

It’s a simple solution that will work out once you open up the pipe under the sink.

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